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Drifloon steals children


Hace unos días leí en el comentario de :iconwildanzappeared: en su dibujo Drifloon steals children que según la Pokédex japonesa Drifloon intenta llevarse a los niños al mundo de los muertos :wow:
Esto me hizo pensar y se me ocurrió investigar un poco algunas entradas de la Pokédex española. Descubrí, por ejemplo, que los Banettes son muñecos abandonados que cobran vida para buscar a sus dueños (y vengarse, supongo; Banette ya daba bastante cosa sin necesidad de saber esto :disbelief:). Si sumamos cosas como los ataques de Dark en sueños, parece que ser niño en el mundo de Pokémon es bastante peligroso... y eso que parecía el mundo de ilusión y fantasía de La Abeja Maya.
Así que al final hice esta ilustración para Halloween 2008. Hoy es el día perfecto: este año, Halloween cae en viernes, justo el día que Drifloon aparece en el Valle Eólico.
No pretendía hacer un dibujo terrorífico, sino cautivador, como una ilustración de cuento de hadas ^_^

A few days ago I read on :iconwildanzappeared:'s comment on her drawing Drifloon steals children that Drifloon's entry in the Japanese Pokédex reads that it tries to take the children to the land of the dead :wow:
That made me think and I investigated some entries of the Spanish Pokédex. I found out, for example, that Banette are abandoned dolls that become living things to look for their owners (and take revenge, I suppose; Banette was creepy enough before knowing this :disbelief:). If we also take into account things like Dark's attacks during dreams, it seems that being a kid in Pokémon is pretty dangerous... and it used to look like Maya the Bee's world of illusion and fantasy.
So I made this illustration for Halloween 2008. Today's the perfect day: this year Halloween is on Friday, the same day in which Drifloon appears in Wind Valley.
I didn't want to make a terrifying drawing, but... fascinating, like an illustration from a fairytale ^_^
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It really makes you wonder why Ash was allowed to leave home at the age of ten to go traveling by himself.

I love this picture! I love that you included the Banettes. I often forget about their creepy Pokedex entry, but I guess that's because they already look scary, so it's to be expected. But a little purple balloon taking kids to the land of the dead? Who saw that coming?

Sorry it took me a while to comment on this, I've been taking too much time reading all my messages. :dead:
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Oooops! Forgot to say 'thanks' for the :+fav: ^_^

By the way, do yo think the little girl looks like the one in Wind Valley? I tried her to, but I'm not sure if I got it...
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I think she bares a wonderful resemblance!
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Thanks for visiting my drawing ^^ I'm glad you liked it so much :heart:
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Tenías razón, los colores del Pc no le hacen justicia! aun así, se ve que está currado! Rezzan tiene muxa razón, dibuja +!
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¿Y de dónde saco el tiempo :faint:?
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It is so cute Princess:))
I like it so much.. but dont think that i m making compliment.. No! I really like it:))
U forget to take photos and draw more picture:))
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I didn't forget but I can't :work:
I'm gonna let DA rest for a while 'cause the exams are coming and I must study a lot... I mean, I won't upload so many deviations but I'll come from time to time, as always ^^

Thanks for the comment and the :+fav: :glomp:
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My pleasure Princess:))
Yes, school must be more important for u now...
Hope u ll pass all exams:))
Many :hug:
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