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These are the commissions I am offering.
Note: No longer offering separate prices for digital copy only commissions because no matter what, the commissions still take up the same amount of time and supplies weather you are getting the original mailed to you or not. In some cases I am willing to negotiate my prices or even do an art trade or item trade for things like art supplies, pet supplies, and tattooing equipment. (all things I use)

Commission sizes: 9x12 and 11x17 are the main sizes of paper I use.
Materials: Bristol board for paper and mixed media such as water color paints, Copic, Prismacolor, and Touch markers along with whatever else I got to get the job done.
What you get with your commission: You get a high res scan (both raw and digitally enhanced) for use online like a profile, personal website, ect... You also get the physical copy mailed to you to keep if you cover the shipping cost.
Styles: I can pretty much do any style of art from anime, realism and portraits to semi realism like American styled comic book art.
NSFW?: I will draw anything wanted by the customer within my abilities, including nudity.
Payment method: PayPal primarily. Payments must be up front, at least 1/2 and rest completed after sketch of art is approved.
How to order: You can message me here on Deviant Art or via my email with "Commission" in the subject, so I know it is not spam. Payment are also through that email.
Process: You send me a commission with what size you want, any ref materials you have like photos (the more the better), I accept and you send the payment, I send a message with the rough sketch (any changes that need to be made can be done then) once the sketch is approved I go on to the next process and finish the art. If only 1/2 of payment is sent then other half needs to be sent before I send the high res scan of finished work.

Rules: I revers the right to deny a commission job or recommend you to an artist I feel can do your art better, Weather due to style wanted, amount or content wanted.

The art you order, once paid for is yours to use on personal pages. These are prices for private commissions only, not commercial use commissions. I rarely get commercial commissions but on the chance that you are hiring me for a job that will be sold and distributed on a grand scale, then I would like your honesty up front and a contract can be negotiated. This doesn't apply to non-profit organizations or social media pages.

I am patient if you are. I still work a full time job and only get 2 days off a week usually. From mid July-mid November I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week and try to work art in when I can, so yes a commission may only take me a few hours to a day or two to complete but I might be not get to that art right away, or start one day and be a few days before I get back to it. This also depends on your response time when I send you a progress report and need feedback to continue.

Reference materials are great! Please send pics or detailed descriptions typed up on what you want. The more info the better. 

Pencil- $20
Ink- $35
Color- $50

Pencil- $75
Ink- $100
Color- $150

Comic Book Sketch Covers:
Front illustration:
Pencil- $40
Ink- $70
Color- $100
Wrap around, Front and Back:
Pencil- $70
Ink- $139
Color- $190

Sequential Art, Page Rates:
Pencil- $40 per page
Pencil + Ink- $60 per page
(I do not do coloring and lettering on sequential pages)
Covers: $150

Also available for illustration work. I have illustrated a children's book in the past.  Ask for prices quote for character design pages.

Character Design Sheets: (Available but please ask. Depends on complexity of character and how detailed you want the character sheet)

Style Samples:



Sketch Covers


Character Design

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