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Daft Punk Wallpaper

Daft Punk Wallpaper mod from Dj Hero
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This is now my Home Screen on my Ipad Mini!
Can I say that this is the best art that I have seen on here
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Did you make this?
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That's awesome!! Gonna change my background to this when I get home.
Sexy-Slender-Dragon's avatar
I like the silver one,He look cool
ShrimpTheArtist's avatar
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Hope you don't mind that I'm painting this
Arachnaphobic's avatar
This is so awesome! I used this for one of my wallpapers:

Also, I favved you pic ;)
vdk84's avatar
Excelent job! And this is in 16:10 ;)
Any chance on being able to get this in 2880x1800
RobatXD's avatar
Ooh my gosh!
My new desktop backround !
STRiPESandShades's avatar
I abso-fikkin-lutely LOVE when they put Guy-Man right at the front of the frames to hide the fact that he's way shorter than Thomas.

Will download later so it may grace my screen.
Out of curiosity, what screen res is this?
AvaTheInkling's avatar
Guy-Man is so smol.
He's shorter than Skrillex.
Smol French robot.
wandmaker98's avatar
LOL! I am doing some pop art using the exact same DJ hero thing. This is great.
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*squeal* OH MA GOD ITS DAFT PUNK!!!! I like this wallpaper a lot!!
Nommas's avatar
Thanks for the awesome wallpaper, man :D
volva-autobot's avatar
How come that stupid other daft punk guy with no face, always gets to be in front and the other poor guy is always in the back?!! I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!
RobatXD's avatar
? why Guyman (Guy-Manuel) at the front and Thomas back or what?
Because it looks cooler?
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hey look what i made from this!! [link]
iqra117's avatar
this is beautiful!!!
mind if use it a reference picture for a sketch???
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