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The image says it all. This is the real basics to low key lighting that I like to use. Single flash, except for the rim lighting shot, and with some kind of diffuser over the flash in every case. In these examples I'm using my Moon Unit.. but even a layer or three of tracing or tissue paper over a Speedlight head will do the trick in most circumstances. Improvisation is the key!

I also used a 16" or so plastic gold serving platter from the dollar store as a bounce for a couple of shots. LITERALLY a one dollar buy. Not as portable as my ( Cost lots more ) 'collapsible multi reflector'... but a hell of a lot easier to find and replace if anything happens to it! ;-)

So.. to those few who had asked me the basics that _I_ use in shooting... there is it. I prefer 'Low Key' ( Dark overall ) pictures, but that's just how I like to shoot. I'll get around to do some 'High Key' and 'Daylight' stuff as the season progresses and I get more time.

Thanks for looking.. and thanks for the conversation!

Keep well...
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scgreenteaHobbyist General Artist
thanks a lot for this you make it very clear.
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Captain-LibrisProfessional General Artist
thanks so much for making this! I love using lighting, and have a hard time finding a good reference for it. This is perfect!
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BlackCarrionRoseProfessional Photographer
very useful, thanks!
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GoblineyeProfessional Photographer
Thank you!

I'm going to work on a 'Highlight and Shadow' thing in the near-ish future... and maybe that'll kick me back into gear when it comes to getting the home studio set back up...

Thanks for the kind comment, though... mad me smile just a little! :-)
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BlackCarrionRoseProfessional Photographer
That sounds like an interesting project, good luck with it!

And your welcome :D
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Wow, makes me actually want to do some real photography and try it out. :O

Incredibly helpful, even to someone like me, to whom it may never apply. :9
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LaurazeeProfessional Traditional Artist
This is totally helpful, thanks!
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GoblineyeProfessional Photographer
You do me too much honour...
I'm a hack... you are an artist.
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