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decided- moving on

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 10, 2013, 12:16 PM
  • Listening to: timeflies
  • Reading: wool by hugh howey
  • Watching: courage the cowardly dog
  • Playing: assassins creed brotherhood
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water

So Ive finally made up my mind everyone. Im moving on away from this particular name.


youre probably wondering "why don't you just change your name if youre tired of it"


surprisingly this has nothing to do with my name. I rather like this name.


the unfortunate business is that this particular account regardless of name has a lot of negative emotion attached to it. the kind that ive spent the last several months purging out of my life.


therefore im creating a new account and will stop checking this account as soon as the premium runs out! so...if you want to keep following me. send me a note ill happily give the link to my new account.


im not posting it publically for reasons.


along with that ill be spending some time gradually deleting things from this account.


thanks for listening! hope to talk to you all in the future and again many thanks for all the support and love over the years.






so among other things I still haven't had time to really focus on getting anything cleaned up on here. and ive been contemplating it for a while and wondering if I should even bother or just delete the account and make a new one from scratch...I cant decide what I want to do. its been five years on this account and it seems as though theres just a lot of old attachments emotionally to this account that I simply don't have anymore...


ionno I don't know what would be easier or better for me *shrugs* its sort of one reason why the account has been VASTLY neglected the last several long months...


though on a brighter note I have CS6 now


just cant decide if I want to keep this account active and revamp it or delete everything and deactivate it and start anew....


thoughts, comments, opinions?






when I have the time which seems like never these days there are more than likely going to be a lot ALOT of modifications to my dA account


as in I will be taking pictures off and just revamping the whole thing. but that's just whenever theres time I seem to have none ever these days.


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