Pride Flag Outfit Commissions!

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Pride Outfit Commissions!
Please complete this form to the best of your abilities! The more details I have the better. If you can't complete any section of this form appropriately, let me know in the "Anything else?" section at the bottom. These commissions are for me to draw your OC in an outfit inspired by a pride flag that applies to you! These commissions are going to be completed in a colored sketch format (examples here: ) and will cost a flat total of $45. The form does not include the VAT I have to charge EU and UK residents, so be aware if that applies to you. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a spot in my queue. If I'm able to take on your commission, I'll send you an email letting you know! If you don't receive an email, you can assume that I'm not able to take on your commission. Please don't hound me on other sites asking if I got your submission to the form; I'll be in contact with you if we're going to work together! WILL NOT DRAW: explicit sexual situations (though suggestive matters are sometimes fine, depending on my comfort level), scat, urine, diapers, vore, death, and anything above cartoonish violence. Also minors are pretty much always a "no". Payment is always through Paypal invoice. Communication is done primarily through email. Once I'm ready to start work on your order, I will send the invoice. For these images, full payment will be required up front! Due to health concerns on my end, it is hard to give a solid date for when these will be done, but I will be aiming to finish them all in the month of June. To see my current work queue, visit . For any questions, feel free to email me at . Thanks for your interest!

ALRIGHT Y'ALL, I'm opening up for some Pride flag-themed outfit commissions! Read through the form and fill it out if you're interested in one! More info is listed in the form itself, but if you have any questions, I'm happy to help you out here in the comments.

I'll leave this form open for a couple days and get back to people after that when health permits, so please be patient! I likely won't be able to take everyone's orders, but I'll let you know if we'll be working together :>

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