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Alright, it's been a while since I've been able to work -- let's see if we can break that streak today!
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When you draw an anthro goat, how do you "flex" hooves? Where should your put the "finger joints?"

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I generally imagine each hoof finger is just two normal fingers put together, so it should work out about the same. If it doesn't look that way in my art, it's mostly that I'm bad at drawing hands correctly.

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Artists drawing my goat dragon OC always asked about her hands, and how I want them drawn. I replied any way they wanted! Looks like Toby Fox gave up drawing hooves for "Goat Mom" Toriel, drawing her with hands and feet. Real goats at the zoo use their hooves for scratching, while using their tongue and upper teeth like a finger and thumb. Favorite young goat at the local zoo always hops in my lap first, making her sisters jealous, Mom Goat alarmed. Then the whole family insists on jumping on my lap.

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