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i submitted my thing in the wrong category oops
I have been making fanart of goatlings before I found the official group. I've decided to submit my fanart here, I'll try to space them out so that I won't be a bother and get in the way of everyone else. 
hello! just wanted to say i'm getting a MAJOR error on Goatlings, whenever i click on homepage link. says "A Database Error Occurred"
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We had an issue with one file in the database but recovered it with our backup. However, that does mean there was a small roll back of a couple of hours. All the details are right here: www.instagram.com/p/BTXe2elANP… The site will be back in a day or two c: RollinqKat pinging you too so you can see this reply ^^
Ah, I see. Thank you for telling us what went on, Kris! :>

I hope you guys have fun upgrading!