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I'd like to buy a bowel
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WavedrakeProfessional Digital Artist
Oh Derpy, there's always a tissue available for you. *wipes gray nose* cx
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Hfar Writer
Do I detect a Whose Line quote?
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Oh shit, u ok man?
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BlayadenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Someone having sinus issues?

Regardless, I love it when you draw Derpy! ^^
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:icondrewcareyplz: :iconsays3plz: Game show ideas that never made it!



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Hfar Writer
:iconcolinmochrieplz::iconsays3plz:"I'll take what's behind whore number one."
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You can get natural casing hot-dogs, which will give you something similar to a bowel.
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I like when people have the guts to say stuff like this.

When other people say Wheel of Mucus, its just snot funny.
Derpy got it right.
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PsudopodsHobbyist Digital Artist
I think there are black market organ traders that can help you with that.
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I'd buy THAT for a dollar!
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ah, the wheel of derpage. a classic of the genre
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Lets see...
Wheel of Mucus....
Needing a bowel...
Does this mean you've come down with the flu or something?
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Playing Derpy's version of wheel of fortune will be a great challenge.
BTW the answer is Muffins right?
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SnuffelsMageeStudent General Artist
I'd like to guess the word. Is it, Banana juice on a Wednesday morning smells just like milk in a bowel?
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I'll take what's behind Whore Number 1.
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RoyCalbeckHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I'm using mine.
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<img src="…">

just testing...

aniway, whats muLus?
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shakfarHobbyist Digital Artist
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*hands you a bottle of citrate of magnesium*
This one's on the house....
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I know a sawbones for that. Just beware of cancer XD
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TheTimberWolffeHobbyist Digital Artist
this speaks to me on a deeply emotional level
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