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Wild Party


My second pic for the Friendship is Wild charity fanbook project!
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Oh Crickey , Its Pink Erwin

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Awww, that shirt.  Hehe x3
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Woah...! That's a wild party, indeed...! :wow: :wow: :wow:
Gummy is all grown up! Cool! I like how Pinkie still loves her little alligator... :aww: :aww: :aww:
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"Equestria Prevails", eh?

This Spring 2016... Alan Moore's 'D for Discord'!

...or is it 'C for Confetti'?
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This put a smile on my face. :)
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They look like they're having so much fun!
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Gummy is all grown up!

What is this friendship is wild thing?
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Crikey! This is really heartwarming to me, seeing Pinkie still being friends – perhaps even closer friends – with Gummy in his adult stage. :D
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Funny thing is, I posted "Crikey!" In the comments when I found this on Memebase. Great minds...
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I made an oath, that I would never become a brony, that I'd never associate, 

BUT NOW, you have offered me the sign of my defeat. Do I dare accept and alienate myself, become associated with the accused stereotypes? Or dare I turn it down and maintain my public image?

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THE CONFLICT! THE CONFLICT! :iconrarityomgplz:
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You sir, despite your best intentions, have enrolled me in a catch-22. Do I seem rude and reject the offer, or do I associate my name with notorious fandom and everything that comes along with it? MY CODE OF HONOR SAYS NO TO BOTH!
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Gubble is surely Grown Up quite well :nod:
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Hahaha that's so cool! I love Pinkie's outfit! And look at Gummy, he's - oh my sweet Celestia, he grew some teeth!
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Gummy thr later years !
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RIP, Steve Irwin
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The other alligators don't even know what to do, there.
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I imagine the concerned look on the others. And the jealousy in Gummy's eyes.

Wonderful work
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yeah older gummy
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