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Veterans of The Old Guard

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Published: February 28, 2012
Sorry for lack of stuff

Just moved to new campus and haven't finished settling in yet
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I think those two make quite a cute couple!
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why his tail is blue?
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Wow! Blonde mane, blue eyes and white coat? That's a looker!
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methinks these two are sweet on each other (or ONE is anyway...)
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I could of sworn I saw this image long ago...
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i think i saw this on FimFiction, there's two stories with amusing secondary characters named Hoplite and Lethe...
"a slice of life"
"nurse Luna".
(Lethe is the batpony)
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Jayhawkman2010Hobbyist Photographer
Just ask her out already... :facepalm:
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do they have any foals? XD
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Inter-service rivalry, Equestrian style.
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megamastercj.deviantart.com/ar… base have been made of ur drawing just wanted ta show ya 
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i like it but just one thing, why is his tail blue? but every thing else is epic! ;)
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ZacBucklinHobbyist Filmographer
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For some reason, I started calling these two Rosencrans and Gildensern. Celestia alone knows why, I don't even like Shakespeare.
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Why is his mane yellow, but his tail blue?
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Manual-ControlHobbyist Artist
He doesn't have his helmet on.
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So, the tail is a clip on?
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Manual-ControlHobbyist Artist
Most people go with the head-cannon that the armor and helmet are enchanted to change the wearers coat, tail, and mane colors. It makes sense because we mostly ever see grey and white ponies in the armor...
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ArxielleStudent General Artist
But how come this picture here img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20… Has the helmet have shining armor's natural mane colors?
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Manual-ControlHobbyist Artist
It's just a crest. Did Romans have blood red/dark blue hair? I just think it was a coincidence.
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ArxielleStudent General Artist
Well, no, but, atleast I, like the thought of the crests being the same color as their manes. It's pretty cool for me. 
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Manual-ControlHobbyist Artist
It might just be that the Princesses like to have conformity when it comes to the Guard. Also, I read my last reply and it kinda sounded as if I was a dick about it... Sorry if that's what you thought.
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For some reason I could picture an AU where these two are partners in some sort of Men in Black/X-files-esque organization of paranormal investigators. Not that I have any idea what would be considered "paranormal" in a world like Equestria, but the sort of stuff too big for the Royal Guard to handle but not big enough to sic the Mane 6 on, and/or the sort of thing you want to keep quiet in order to avoid panic.
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lemontartartHobbyist General Artist
cool bat pony 
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