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Towers in the Sky

Like beacons in the dark, the gleaming spires of Bardingburgh are a welcome sight to those traversing across the unforgiving sands.

Princess Rosetta
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And there she isLove !!! The Goddess of the Ponies herself!
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She the true and only qween of equestria and mother of the Two Alicorn Princess sister! but who is the father of tia and lulu? celestia dont want see her self as qween befor her mother say it! were luna become nightmare moon is her mother tell her of the return and of twilight and her friends! well celestia learn everything from her mother but learn magic with star swirl!
vrosas's avatar
No words \8º wooow
TheClanCat's avatar
thebluee53's avatar
The Almighty Faustacorn looks beautiful
Blackholelord's avatar
Oh lovely, well made.
Bluenight01's avatar
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Incredible! :0 Love it so much! Very beautiful!
thunder-zap's avatar
Hey, can I use this as a template for some of my projects?
Zoroark67's avatar
she's gorgeous
thunder-zap's avatar
you can say that again. *dreamy eyes* she's even more gorgeous than Rarity
Powerfluff's avatar
MegaBoltHQ's avatar
Bow to the Fausticorn! *bows*
PrismaticAngel's avatar
I thought that she was your version of "Fausticorn" (Can't remember what she ACTUALLY named her!) but either way this is AWESOME!

(Anypony got an icon with Dash saying awesome in her usual fangirl manner?)
idrawspony's avatar
Es increible! Awesome rainbow dash I know I'm late but here ya go! ^^
cloudspie's avatar
Reactor33's avatar
I find this down-right sexy :P
violetbambii's avatar
MJNSEIFER's avatar
Very beautiful.
(nice to see she still has her fans).
HiveLordLusa's avatar
I think this is the best rendition of Fausticorn ever... It's so well detailed, and the lighting effects are gorgeous. Her facial expression just makes the piece though :D
Phaedrus-Brony's avatar
Lookin' good Fausticorn :)
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