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The Shadow

Midnight Blossom
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This character I wish was in the actual show ❤❤❤
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This picture alone made me a Midnight Blossom fan long before I even knew her name. Kinda makes me sad that, as far as I know, you don't have a FimFiction account. I mean, I really want to get invested in Midnight, but I can only learn about her through what I can glean in your art (which is actually quite a bit) and through fan interpretations...

Sweet Luna, she's a background pony. Stare 
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Hey I found this art stolen on… just wanted to inform the original artist I have reported it (btw I love your art)
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I see this OC everywhere.
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From what I have seen, Midnight Blossom seems to be one of the most well know Bat pony OC's out there and she is defiantly one of my favorites. Nice Work 
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I made a pixel art of this on the Minecraft Xbox One Edition

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THE shadow.
She is darkness.
No place to run when darkness descends upon you.
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Nearly everywhere I go on the Internet she's there. Almost everyone steals her and claim her as their own OC. :no:
She looks like a awesome OC but everywhere I go I see her and people claiming her as their OC :no:
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hey, i made a wallpaper wich includes this picture…
i hope you're fine with it.
i realy like this picture ^.^
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And this girl looks like Angel Beats...
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Thanks for making this, used here:…
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Goddamit, I love this OC. 'Nuff said.
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I've seen these characters on Ponysquare. do you allow them to be used as RP characters?
ham454's avatar… Someone's renameing ocs and giving them away, this one has had that happened here D:
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Luna's Arion Guards are sexy
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May I give a friend this really awesome Image so he can turn it into a fluffy sfm picture :)
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(resisting urge to make a vampire night joke)
CreepyPastaKittyArts's avatar
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WOW :) Beautiful. Love the eyes.
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