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The Concord Flame

Got a new tablet, so we're back in business!

Princess Stella/Firefly
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There is any fanfic about it? This arts are amazing and it has so many potential to being brilliant writting story. I hope to find one someday ^^
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Here she is...Firefly...the Founder o the Wonderbolts...the Princess of the Concord her best most awesomest momentLa la la la La la la la La la la la I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! .

May she be forever be remembered as one of the many legendary defenders of Equestria, forever resting in peace in the Elysium Fields.
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She's spittin' those hot rhymes
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Princess? Where's her horn?
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She lost it somehow. If you look at her mane you can see the stump.
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Oh sweet Luna! That must've been brutal!
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P.S Is that supposed to be G1 Firefly?
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Wow... You don't see this kind of intensity in the show, even the battle between Twilight and Tirek pales at this.
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what is Princess Stella?
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Wouw I wish I was as good as you, making flames is much harder than it looks.
My oc doesn't come even close to the quality of this.

What's wrong with the horn though?
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This is amazing how do you do it, computer?
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Hi, I sketch ink and colour on computer (Photoshop CS6 usually)
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Wow This Is Really Good And How Did You Like... Draw it soo good like what Program do you use...?
MLP-fan16's avatar
Photoshop with what picture?
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He uses Photoshop :3 
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this rememver me to gahhoole XD
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This is insanely badass.

But... why is Firefly walking on lava with Wolverine claws and a broken unicorn horn?
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Who cares? Its Badass!!!!!
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Would I be able to add this to a fire pin group I recently made? This is really kickass
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