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Sparkler and Dinky

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I guess I'll start if nopony will
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hoooooooonnnnnnnnnnn! They are so cute!X3 Emote :eeeee: Blushing Emoticon
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Ohmygosh! So cute! :)
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I'm sorry, but the older pony looks almost exactly like one of the show's extras... Sea Swirl.
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They do resemble, but it's not this artist's fault as they're both background ponies. Amethyst Star/Sparkler is a bit purpler than Sea Swirl/Seafoam, though. Observe. (This is from "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well." A lot of missing CMs. They're standing side by side to the left of the brown pony; you can see that they're similar but not identical.)

And Sparkler and Dinky have been known to be sisters ever since "Sisterhooves Social."
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...Both of these ponies ARE on the show, and if she looks like anyone is sure as heck ain't Sea Swirl. She shares the exact same mane style as Roseluck and Lyra Heartstrings- not DD



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Her colors are basically the same, and their mane style is pretty close. I'm not trying to be rude, at all. I just thought I'd point it out. I recently have drawn all three of those ponies, so I don't need to use those links. Thanks for pointing it out, though. And this is really good work!
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Haha, I didn't mean to be rude either, sometimes I just come across that way.
And actually, the older one in the picture was one of the main characters in the hundreth episode
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Oh! Also, in comments, you can't really find the tone the person is using, so I tried to see the different tones.
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I think I gotta call a doctor

Because imma die from CUTENESS OVERLOAD!
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Doctor Whooves Icon 1 Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 on my way!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
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Doo sisters for the win!
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Aww cute,you create this image?
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Aww, I love this adorable image so much~!!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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I don't know why but I can actually picture these two as sisters. As cute as the Derpy/Dinky thing is, I just can't picture Derpy Hooves as a mother, she seems just too silly.
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well believe it 
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For some reason I read that in Naruto's voice, and it has been more than a year since I saw anything related to him.
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In Sisterhooves Social, those two were together
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