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Rainbow Warriors



Rosetta (:iconfyre-flye:)




Iris (Bonnie Zacherle)

Bonnie's OC by :iconwillis96:
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Which elements do these rainbow warriors represent?
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I get Luna, Celestia, and Faust, but who are the other three?
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I can help with this question. From left to right, the three unknowns are:
Galaxy, based on the Generation 1 pony of the same name (though EP draws her with G1 Majesty's color scheme). Black Islands
Firefly, against based on Firefly from G1 (who was the basis for G4 Rainbow Dash's personality). Fireflies
And Iris, the ponysona drawn for Bonnie Zacherle by :iconwillisninety-six: . Bonnie Zacherle is the creator of My Little Pony itself.
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Honestly wondering which element each of these six would best align with... I don't know enough about Faust, Zacherie, Galaxy, or Firefly to say for certain...

Although I think a valid theory is that all of them embody the six elements in such equal and great amounts that any of them could use the elements entirely on their own... though results are much better with friends (or family) at your side.
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okay this looks awesome.
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Their faces look scary...
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    In a time long forgotten the Rainbow Warriors protected the Equestrian world from all harm and chaos that threatened to destroy them all. They were hailed as Order of the Greats and were commonly treated like queens and kings. It was well known everyone loved the Rainbow Warriors since they were the embodiment of Love, Kindness, Bravery, Selflessness, Friendship, and Strength. 

    A time of peace came over the land for under the protection of the Rainbow Warriors, Chaos and Evil had been washed out of the land. Many years passed and the influence of the Rainbow Warriors died, their stories became legends and they became stuff of fables. The Rainbow Warriors had dispersed upon seeing that their era in time was up. They traveled to the corners of the globe setting up empires or simply becoming wandering souls. Years passed, centuries passed, Eons passed and peace still remained. Until that one fateful night when the Darkness leaked into the land. 

    A year passed and everything seemed of normality. Until in the dead of winter a entire empire was destroyed. Without thinking the Warrior opened the beacon, a spell only to be used in the utmost emergencies. All the Rainbow Warriors had been notified with a flash of their eyes and a glow of their horns (and or foreheads) and a simple yet terrifying message. "Darkness has returned."    
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this question follows whether i follow you or not??? could celestia be related to twiely? because who knows parnets sometimes hide very darkkkkkk secrets
Doofreedee's avatar this will fit for them skip to 2:10
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The original mane six! 
EPIC ;-; where does Discord fit into this universe?
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Once, millennia ago, Harmony was not simply a word. It was a force and a reality, as Discord would be glad to testify.
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Could give every superhero team a taste of their own medicine.
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the elements of creation
'nuff said
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I appreciate your art style and I will give you points for providing lore for almost every piece of your artwork but there are too many female alicorns in this picture and to believe there are no male alicorns in the mlp universe is absolutely ridiculous.
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the mane six alicorn version
they should have an avengers movie
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just so long as the designated 'ranger'-type character has better aim than hawkeye, make it so!
(Bearing in mind that it wouldn't take much, if anything....)
Are you dissing my boy Hawkeye
Shame on u. );
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Once, there were six sisters who were all that was good and harmonious in the universe. Together, they would make a world...
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