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Plate and Pike

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For those who don't know for Celestia sake this is Cloud Skipper's sister 
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Too Bad She Doesn't live long She Is cute
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She looks like Primrose Everdeen
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ooowwwww its precious
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Is She A Royal Guard Or A Night Guard?
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Eee~ more pig-head helms <3
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Florence ? A bat pegasus mare ... in the Solar Guard ? O_o I didn't know this was possible ...
Milkfresh's avatar beautiful¡¡ OwO 
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That guard is ADORABLE.
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I randomly scrolled through my favourites, and got past this one again. Really gave a smile on my face. :)
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so cute, beautiful, i love her
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:icontwilightconfusedplz: "But if you're a bat pony, Why are you white?"

:iconpinkiepiewaitwutplz: "Oh my gosh, Twilight! You can't just ask somepony why they're white!"
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Mother: Midnight Blossom
Father: Cloud Skipper
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This is Skipper's sister
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.... I must say i doubt this statement. This mare shares the characteristics of both Midnight Blossom and Cloud Skipper. Cloud Skipper has no traces of bat pony in his natural genes, so I believe the only way this is possible is that the two ponies mated. Florence is the result.
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Check out the new artwork form EqP, there' a family pict of them
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It's confirmed here: Memento by Equestria-Prevails
xXTinyAngieXx's avatar
... well I look like a complete idiot now xD
Thank you ^-^'''
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Of course not dear x3 it's okay ~
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Ummm... What?
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