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Pet Peeves

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Left to right: Angel Cake, Gumball, Winona, Owloysius, Grandpa Tank, Opalescence
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TikimillieHobbyist General Artist
i wanna see the mainsix as pets now
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19Master97Hobbyist Writer
I want the mane six to see their pets as ponies, that would be an interesting encounter. :happybounce: Sherlock Holmes 
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TikimillieHobbyist General Artist
oh yes that too :0
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All we got left are Philomena and Tiberius :D
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monterrangHobbyist General Artist
what about boulder?
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2 Earth Ponies, 2 Pegasi, 1 Griffin, 1 Crystal Pony, and surprisingly 0 Unicorns. Well, Griffin and Crystal pony fit better than unicorns anyway.
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Angel looks cute.
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And I'm guessing Philomena here is the Phoenix Queen of this Equestria.
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And if you thought Trollestia was bad, wait until you see what Queen Philomena can get up to. 
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One shudders to imagine...
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I think you inspired this pic,
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PixelBlujayStudent Artist
My friend and I shipped Gummy and Opal when we are rping as them in a roleplay chat. XD
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Can make them in EqG forms, please? :3
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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer
Genial, ahora me pregunto como seran las 6 principales como las mascotas, jeje
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bronyjoe111Hobbyist Artist
pretty sure when rainbow dash was describing tank, she meant the big things with tracks and cannons and machine guns that kill people. Not a storage tank
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, very cool.
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Clarity83Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Gummy's monologue is my favorite thing
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bumbleboo12Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like the way there hair is similar to there owners, and how Opalescence is a crystal pony.
also owl-griffon Gilda (haha) plz
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I absolutly love Owloysius design!!
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Scarlet-MiragesHobbyist Writer
I didn't get it at first then my brain clicked and I was like OH MY GOSH THE PETS!!
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monterrangHobbyist General Artist
no unicorn?
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Void-WolfHobbyist General Artist
What an odd group of friendos. I imagined it would be kinda like this though though I may change one or two's races.

I will imagine Spike would be Owloysius' ward and still be our friendly neighborhood dragon
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