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This has to be the coolest pony griffin hybrid I've ever seen!!!
WALN-Zell's avatar
Stand back! I'm warning you! I have fingers and I know how to use them!
mixmane's avatar
Just one question... What species would he be? Priffon?
WALN-Zell's avatar
Hippogriff. But a weird kind of hippogriff. But not like the canon hippogriff or the kind like Buckbeak from Harry Potter. 
DerpymuffinArtist's avatar
All your art makes me feel jittery because its the kind of art I can't find enough of.

egreham's avatar
I learned something new today. Thanks.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
archer... I LOVE THE ARCHERS! or snipers
alevegaliolios's avatar
Don't you hate it when in movies/series people keep their bows drawn for extended periods of time?
Stormchaser-The-Pony's avatar
Reminds me of the Ranger's Apprentice serie.
DolphinFox's avatar
Nice Gryphon-Pony archer. I do not want to be his enemy
knetch's avatar
he is a halfbreed between?
CelticSphinx's avatar
I'm a bit late, but he's a sphinx. ^^ basically human sphinxes have the body of a lion with eagle wings, and the face of a human. With a pony sphinx it's the same but with the head of a pony. :D
knetch's avatar
i wonder what back story you have for them
CelticSphinx's avatar
A very long one. x3 Basically I think that there's a whole mess of sphinxes out there, some of which however, being traditional sphinxes (As seen in the episode with Somnebula: Sphinx FIM and hybrids, which are griffins + ponies. They would have basically the same exact traits, but descended differently to have (as shown above) claws instead of paws in the front as well as natural fur colors. There's a lot more I could probably talk about, but that was just one of my ideas. XD
doodlemuze's avatar
hippogriff, i think...
CeeDeePlayer's avatar
yeah, that's definitely overdraw overdraw
LovelyColleen1's avatar
Really cool species dude
Asminoid's avatar
Is it possible for some other guys draw some breeds like this? I really like this race =)
CelticSphinx's avatar
It is. ^^ This is based off a sphinx which was from (I think) Greek mythology. Basically it was a mix of an eagle, lion, and human. Here it's a pony instead of a human. :3
DJBL4CK's avatar
I do believe its fine like its not like HE created this species right? RIGHT?!
Anime-Adam's avatar
wow. I love the idea of this breed I think I'll make my own oc off this type!
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