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Night Watch

Night Watch (:iconlulubellct:)


Bat-winged pegasi make up a small and enigmatic division of the Royal Guards known as the Night Guards. In anticipation of her rule over Equestria and the coming of the Eternal Night, Princess Luna - as Nightmare Moon - cast a powerful spell on her most loyal Guards, transforming them into the Night Guards. The Night Guards proved to be a competent fighting force and were granted full pardons following Nightmare Moon's banishment, forming several Houses from which all modern Night Guards are descended from.
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I'm going to be making a list of all the royal guards that have existed, and i'm totally going to a lot of yours xD

I love all of them! MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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it looks a bit like luna herself does anyone agree???
NightLlGHT's avatar
Don't know if you knew about this or not.
But this person has traced your art and not given any credit.…
Lazer-Bunny's avatar
Doesn't look traced actually.  Looks like this drawing was referenced not traced.
Sarahostervig's avatar
they still didnt ask permission to do it 
thats still theft since this pic isnt reffed from a show or anything else
Johesy's avatar
...and what do I get? Guard duty. :p
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Hello, one of my friend want I draw is OC like this so, can you make a base (ms paint) or help me plese? ^^'
Leek-art's avatar
wow cool cutiemark!
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Sry, author - Can i use Nigth Watch and other your batpony characters for my "Friendship is Migth and Magic"?
SilverWing27's avatar
Cool :) Solar Empire got nothing on us. :)
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Hail to the Night Guard! Bat ponies are best ponies!
kingdragon7's avatar
miks rainbow and Night Watch i want see how it lokks
Ambertigerflight's avatar
do u take request cause i have ideas
kingdragon7's avatar
this piture set my fantasy in hyper mode 
AlejaMoreno-Brony's avatar
i wanna a picture Love 
Airsoftbronydude's avatar
this picture tells me she's one of those people or ponies that are up to no good in stories, movies, TV shows, and videogamed
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Sword in the darkness, horn that wakes the sleepers, watcher on the wall, fire that burns against the cold, light that brings the dawn, and all that.
SideQuestPubs's avatar
To echo everyone else, I love the work, and I love the background story.
I've noticed that there's quite a few theories about where the batponies come from (mine was shapeshifting sylph--air elementals), and I'm interested in coming up with something that could, theoretically, combine the theories. Nothing too major, I wouldn't necessarily write a whole story about it, just a shout-out of sorts, a suggestion that some of the theories could work together within a given universe.  I'm curious how well that would work out....
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Am I the only one who when you Zoom's out of the picture and look at her weapon, then Am I the only one who actully think: "Why is there Worms all over the weapon?"
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you gote i nive pair off eyes
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