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"Damn fam, you got the whole squad laughing."
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Well, that's interesting. I didn't expect Cloud Skipper to have batpony parents.
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Genealogy is strange... But, I can see the relations. Man, pretty cool to go to school and say, "My parents are bat ponies, cool huh?" *Laughs*
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Малышь с права приёмный.
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Why does everyone assume he's adopted? The cakes literally had a unicorn and a Pegasus. Just because he looks different, does not mean that they're not his biological parents.
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Not to mention that he looks like all of them minus that bat features.
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mixed? both parents?
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wooo woooo wooo... wait a second...... he's adopted?!?!?Nuu Nuu 
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Awww wow this is adorable
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One of my favorite deviation of yours
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Skipper's mum's cutie mark... does she specialize in particle accelerators/synchrotrons?
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he scream at own ass
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Cute work. I love how the lines imply the photograph was folded up and put in a pocket or a wallet. That's a REALLY nice touch.
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this is very memorable, that makes me have a reason to get on my feet/hooves and fight whats right.  your art never cease to amazed.
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Wow! Skipper as a foal is adorale! But after taking a good look at the picture and all the comment bellow, I'm starting to wonder: is he really adopted?? Or is it just weird genes?
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Oh my goodness that little foal with a pacifier is adorable!
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