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March of the Crystal Queen and Enzo's Last Stand

Having put down her treacherous general's failed rebellion, the Crystal Queen began a campaign of establishing Imperial dominance across the continent. At her side was the newly appointed General Enzo, a former student of Tirek and one of her most promising proteges. However she had underestimated the resentment that Enzo held over the death of his old master (and unbeknownst to her, intimate companion). When the time had come to push towards the kingdoms of Griffonia, and Enzo had to choose between his allegiance to the Empire or his ancestral homeland, his choice was obvious. At the ancient fortress of Eyria, Enzo and his loyal Rune Knights make their last stand against the unrelenting siege of the Crystal Army.

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F*ck that absolutely great !

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Gasp! You're alive and still badass! Nice job^_^

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So the Crystal Queen is basically evil?

she's forcing everyone to bow and join her empire or be a stepping stone for those that stand in her way...

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Absolutely epic!

Riverfox237's avatar

Wow, fantastic picture!

Empress Megan was a strong inspiration for me in the past. It fills my heart with joy to see her again.

K4nK4n's avatar

Now this is so epic!

TheExhorsecist's avatar

"No, no, Sid--more action! More extras!"

FrustratedInExcelsis's avatar

Amazing work as always -- you really have a talent for high fantasy action art.

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love seeing this version of Megan, wonder were her siblings are

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Wait, so Megan is the bad guy? Huh, never seen that before.

Also Enzo is destined to lose very likely:

(read this one's description)

Forlorn Visions

I can't believe we are getting more lore of this story!!!

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Oh dang! I didn't expect to see this series again. This is awesome

FanOfMostEverything's avatar

Literally awe-inspiring. Magnificent work.

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Wow... you can really feel the motion and the heat of battle.

I love those engravings and symbols as well ! Really give personality to this AU.

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Oh woooow, this is amazing :O

My ONE issue with it is Megan's sword; is it supposed to be bent like that?

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Judging by the scabbard, it's a curved blade
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It's been so long since we last seen your High Fantasy war AU of My Little Pony. Anyway, does this connect to your "New Royal Guards" story stuff? Which are there the continuation sequence from the Prologue comic?
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Marvelous, simply marvelous
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