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Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all~

Unnamed changeling by Weaver/GlitterGlue ([link], [link], [link])
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i hope you don't mind but the way you made the changeling in this picture inspired me to make one with my oc…
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I see this particular changeling as being real good friends with Pinkie Pie...

Nice work, man!
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My love, all of it. TAKE IT!
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May I hug you?
(to the changeling. Sorry for my random L btw I mis clicked.)
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Aw, are you hungry? Come here, you can have my love :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I went ahead and used it... here is linky, I will remove it if you disapprove…
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Can I make this into a wallpaper? :D I will give credit of course! I love your art.
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I always find it fascinating how creatures with swiss cheese-holed legs, ears, wings, tail and pale eyes can actually be adorable. Clearly, there are more to these changelings then meets the eye. They will make excellent spies by infiltrating enemy camps and gathering intel in disguise.
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D'aawww that love it's too evil that kill me
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Aawwww he's cute when he doesn't do evil :D
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Happiest changling award goes too...
The-Midnight-Sparkle's avatar
SUEEEE i love changelings X3
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Cute! Question, though... why doesn't she have a horn?
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Because her head is messed up. 
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awww i still name you buttons! :3
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D'AWWWW! :aww:

Congratulations, little changeling, you get all my HNNNNNNG. :iconfluttersqueeplz:
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so adorable ♥
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so cuteeeeeeeeeeee *A*
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