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Kingdoms of Fire

The Winter March of the Crystal Queen


Finally finished after much procrastination

Suggest viewing while listening to some metal
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Man, she'll have some stories to tell back on the farm.

Description : Winter march

Now it turns into Summer march

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Absolutely metal, I feel like Buckethead would be an excellent accompaniment to viewing this...! (got Romero One Mind Any Weapon on my mind)
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What is that Girl doing?
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Couldn't find any metal (blatant lies), will this do?…
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This is literally this:

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now this is mlp I can get behind
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Es increible! Wooh Megan!
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So whatever happened to Megan, I wonder.
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Warning Warning Awesome levels reaching critical 
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I set this as my smartphone wallpaper. It looks so much more awesome when you can hold it in your hand.
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Beautiful <3 O <3
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Your art is fucking badass.
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Addendum: Yes, I do realize the white alicorn in the rear is breathing lightning. I chalk it up to an exception to the rule.
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pretty sure that white Alicorn is Celestia, and the Purple one is Firefly / Stella

on another note.
fire is a form of plasma, basically ionized Gas, through which electricity is flowing
either as electrons jumping from atom to atom
or as an electric current such as lightning, or a controlled Electric Arc.

fire is basically a miniature lightning storm resulting from a chemical reaction
while lightning is a more concentrated form of electric current.

Fire is a form of lightning that is easier to control and contain.
as such Lightning magic would be much harder to control than fire magic

the Fact Celestia is using Lightning breath shows she has far more control over her magic
while the Other Alicorns are only using Fire breath.
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If you check EQ's other works you'll find out that it's Galaxy/Galaxia.
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hair colour and coat colour don't match
White/Pastel Pink with Green Hair

Galaxy is pale light blue with blue hair
Celestia is White/pastel pink with green hair

Celestia is a Far better match than Galaxy
all that would be required is a hair cut.
if you are going to try arguing a point at least do your art homework
Rampart of Fire by Equestria-Prevails
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ask the artist yourself then
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That's kind of the reason I posted it in the comment section
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Alright, I've never read any of the stories that this art is associated with (if there is. If there isn't, my apologies for assuming), but I can't help but feel that Meghan is controlling everything in the background via her staff. All of the aggressors are adorned with purple gemstones, and all of them share the same glowing white eyes with Meghan. Stranger is the fact that they're all breathing fire, and that Meghan's blade is infused with the same element. What I find most intriguing, however, is Meghan's breastplate. While it too shares a purple gemstone, there's a greater level of detail on the center. There appears to be an iris-like slit drawn vertically down the center, and I can't shake the feeling that it makes the armor either symbiotic, or parasitic. Obtuse as this may be (as I'm sure others have likely noticed), I still wanted to make this observation. Anything need correcting?
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