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Kingdom of the Sun

Under Her guiding Light, march, march to victory
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Amazing poster!
But this will be a problem for the Phoenix Order.
Get the soldiers back to the empire!
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I'll be blunt: Everybody shut the fuck up about Luna.

It's okay to prefer Luna, it really is, she's a wonderful character. There's nothing wrong with loving her. But coming onto a pro-Celestia deviation and spewing a bunch of fail speeches about the New Lunar Republic (one of the fandom's worst concepts by the way) and how Luna will beat Celestia not only makes you look like a tasteless special snowflake out for attention, it's also disrespectful to the hard work put into this picture and everyone who likes it. You sound inconsiderate and stupid as hell, not "rebellious" or "badass." Liking Luna doesn't make you look as cool or revolutionary as you think it does, it's just a preference. You wanna kiss Luna's ass, go do it on a Luna deviation, don't try to climb a pedestal and start shit on Celestia pics.

You're not being "children of the night," you're just being fanboys who don't know when is and isn't an appropriate time to do something.

Not to mention it doesn't even make sense for this deviation, given you can clearly see a signature at the end that says, "approved by Princess Luna." Not everybody is convinced Luna has this rabid, irrational hatred for her sister.
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i know this comment is old but that doesn't make it in any way invalid.

i 100% agree, i couldn't have put what you said better myself even if i tried.
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Did you know your submissions name was the original name for the Emperors New Groove?
kahuna18's avatar
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Long live the Kingdom of the Sun!
Desgar's avatar
Ave, imperator!
GhostNinjaART's avatar
So how long will Equestria Prevail? :3
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I am guessing this was based off of propaganda for the British Empire.
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Why is everybody fucking praising Luna in the comments? This is a CELESTIA poster, go pray to a picture of Luna and calm down.
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
Wish I could fave comments, cuz yours deserves a thousand faves.:)
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So ....Celestia is dead?
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While you prevail the children of the night prosper
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Kind of stupid to say, seeing as the poster was Luna (Selena) approved.
SHORTPILGRIM2000's avatar
/\ praise the moon /\
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
*Sun. FTFY

Also, this poster was approved by her sister, anyways. There's no conflict between the two.
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For a brighter future tomorrow!
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this.. is so awesome!
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What I love about this poster is that it was not approved by Celestia, it was approved by Luna / Selena
Approved by Luna only?
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NRG prologue. 
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Celestia looks magnificent!
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*is a New Lunar Republican* Luna shall prevail! She shall show us her eternal night! And this tyrant shall be overthrown and killed!

Custodes sumus noctis! (translation: We are the keepers of the night)

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