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Ironsalt Basin Crossing

DD doesn't geography properly


Needed to do this pic to cheer myself up, PCMR has been depressing to visit lately

Edit: paid mods cancelled! Thank Talos
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I love the Hippogriff hybrids hereLove !!!
vawlkee's avatar
No other word can do your work justice!
WALN-Zell's avatar
I've never seen a hippogriff like these before.
DerpymuffinArtist's avatar
I love how you draw all the characters with a fantasy-medieval-ish vibe. 
DemonicPumpkin89's avatar
it's... it's like a griffon, but in stead of part lion, part bird, it's part lion...  part pegasus?
GreenGrayGuy's avatar
Er, what exactly is the name of that pony thing on the far right, behind the bar? My first thought was a griffon, but then I looked up and became confused.
Prince-Leader's avatar
Must be hot in that armor.
FrederikNielsen's avatar
I'd love to see more of those pony things. I don't knwowhqg to call them, but I love the design.
Drakovyte's avatar
I like how many gryphon/pony hybrids you have in your art. It'd be interesting to see more about this world you've come up with, you should consider writing a bit about it (If you're any good at that) or making a comic.
Ise-no-Kami's avatar
So, Double Diamond's in the army now.
El-Jorro's avatar
You are one of the know that right?
alexwarlorn's avatar
"I'm looking for a mare, unicorn, shooting star cutie mark, great public speaker, total megalomaniac, and the hottest pony this side of Equestria, er, not literally." 
zero93's avatar
huh, we have those shaved ice contraptions that are exactly that bronze greenish colour in our local area.

when we were young sometimes the store owner would let us play with it
Netoey's avatar
omg dibble diamond!!!! he even has skies in the background!
TheWhiteGoldMusician's avatar
Is there a main story for pics like these?
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Ironsalt? That place sounds awful.
celticknight221's avatar
Hey! Double Diamond!
Oh,hello Concordia!
Kyoshyu's avatar
The characters, the background... is all so awesome.
cajobif's avatar
Awesome work. Look so good and diverse.
Fourpony's avatar
I have started going to other sub-reddits instead of strictly PCMR recently. 
dragon567lover's avatar
Sphinx:Ye new here?
Sphinx:Not used ta the heat?
DD:Not......At alll
Sphinx:Its only the begining of spring
DD:Just give me another frosty before I pass out
addisonphill's avatar
What is that donkey pegasus with fingers?
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