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From Black Skies Come The Rainbow Warriors

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I wonder what rank or division of warriors are the pegasi in this artwork. I'm just gonna claim them as the Knights of Cloudsdale. Also I love the design of the firelances and love them as the firearm for ponies; part spear, part hand cannon. The advantages of that weapon is once you fire and you need time to reload, when a guy comes at you, you got a 6-7 foot reach with a sharp blade on the end to keep the guy at a distance. A perfect combo weapon.

And those gunpowder rifles of the griffons, are called arquebuses; a matchlock rifle. I learned in military history class. They are the earliest firearms but deadly. And they can prove to be accurate.

I love this artwork; it's causing my mind to go haywire with imagination

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I've seen this artwork used in the HoI 4's surprisingly good.....
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Description says "butts, but I see no pony (or Griffin) buts! :)
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I love your drawings and you can share it together ??❤
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I look at this picture and the see this battle play out in my mind with "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" playing in the background and I smile like a maniac.
A friend of mine has a fan fic that spans over hundreds of years of a family and how events effect them. One of the events is a war between Equestria and the Gryphon Kingdom with conflicts within that as well. Like slavery, forced service, and corruption. When it's out, I think a lot of people will like it. he doesn't like me talking about it though. But hey, he rarely comes around these parts.  
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....the age of pony has come to an end...

...the age of gryffins has begun !
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it's so cool and awesome!Shout 
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This is simply fantastic.
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Hehe, I like the idea of Griffons being more technologically advanced warriors, using guns in war and stuff.
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The ponies are using 15th century fire lances and gryphons are using arquebuses, witch also appeared in the 15th century.
I would expect the dragons to have made the first gun though. 
Well. I'm going off of my cousin's fanfiction universe here. The dragons there were around for thousands of years longer than griffons or ponies and have had far more wars. 
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I guess it would make some sense, as they do have an abundance of heat for forging.
Perhaps readily available supplies of iron and sulfur.
Yeah. Their kind of like orcs and dwarves in his story. 
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Orcs with Dwarfism?
No. Just warriors and great smiths. 
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I'm saying post Sombra war.
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