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Princess Selena [Luna]

The Kingdom of Equestria is bordered by seas to the east and west. This kingdom has a varied landscape and climate that includes hilly grasslands, forests, deserts and swamps. The city of New Canterlot is located in the heart of the Everfree Forest, rebuilt where an ancient castle once stood, and is the seat of power for Equestria's two rulers: Princess Celestia and Princess Selena.
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whats going on here? whats the letter say?

Whoaw3, LOOK AT THE REFLECTION! There are eyes of nightmare moon or something!
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I FOUND IT! I FINALLY FOUND IT!! I've been searching for this picture for 5 after I saw it at the Traveling Pony Museum at Fiesta Equestria. is it true you can read her letter?  [edit] I HAVE READ THE SECRETS THAT HAVE HAUNTED ME FOR SO LONG. very nice art btw.
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Isn't paperwork Celestia's job?
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Took me some time but, I finally found you. I've had your pic on my wall for long while.
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Reminds me of beauty and the beast, but even better!

Crazy fine detailing!
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uuuhhhhh, what`s the story behinde this?
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She was originally going to be called that but then Lauren Faust changed it to Luna. Luna 50X50 (icon smaller) 
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What an amazing illustration you've done! She looks exactly like Princess Luna! :3
NightshadeTheRanger's avatar Princess Luna... EP just calls her Princess Selena....
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Yeah..I can see..
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Whoa! What a magnificent piece. :D
I really love the composition of the entire picture. Luna looks gorgeous, divine and really beautiful. :aww:
I love the angelical look you gave her with that calm expression, and the details in the background and the environment overall are amazing as well. The colors are great and the lines look very clean and polished.

An Excellent Work! You have some great skills and talent.
Keep it up! :#1:
what is words on paper?
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Fantastic drawing, the colours and amazing level of details makes this one of my all time favourites.
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Does anybody know where i could buy a poster of this?
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*a new day blooms in Equestria*

*all the Ponies come out for their daily duties. Derpy is delivering the mail, Applejack is working on her farm, Fluttershy is feeding her animals, and Twilight Sparkle works in her library*

*we cut to Celestia's place, with Celestia overlooking everything*

Princess Celestia: The end of the old always respresents the begging of the new. This has happened before, and will happen again. What was, shall be again. This is the dawn of a new era. This is the rise of Equestria.…

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Can I use it as a cover for my fanfic (poem) in polish?
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Why u no reply :(?
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E-P (Equestria-Prevails) is probably so bizzy making new devianart. Don't feel bad
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I forgot about it already... But it's nice somebody wants to cheer me up ^^
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I'm just glad I can cheer somepony up:D (Big Grin) 
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