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Cartoon horsebats cannot actually be your waifus


Some possible magic abilities that I've been mulling over:

Lightning Spear -> Hurls a bolt of lightning. Accuracy and range can be improved by channeling spell through a suitably shaped and conductive weapon

Dragonbreath -> Ancient elemental spell passed down the Royal Guard lines for generations. Fire is the most commonly taught element, but Ice and other more obscure variants exist

Swarm -> Turn into a swarm of winged critters to avoid attacks and pass through narrow spaces. A signature spell of Lunar Guards
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ahhhh! Too cute XD
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She speaks in Dragon Tongue! She is dragon born! Well actually that sort of thing would be possible. Use a kinetic spell with dragon breath and you get a shout spell. Interesting. I will think on this magic and become the next Starswirl.
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So its a white thestral?
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Epicness overloooad!!! :squee: :squee: :squee:
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I have the feeling that this is Cloud Skipper & Midnight Blossom's kid for some reasons
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You're not the only one. In this year, I thought the samething.
Going by an earlier pic, she's actually Cloud Skipper's sister.
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Ah, i see, thanks.
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I just love the lightning effects and it's really well made. I'm just not feeling the design on this one. But overall you're doing awesome with your art!!!
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This looks really great! <3
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awww so awesome :)
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It's cool, I guess. '_'
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C'mon Florence, Jump, you can't defeat Barbariccia is not by Jumping.
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damn coolie awesome ~ 
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You're so good with poses 0_0
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Your style is instantly recognizable.
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Awesome and adorable! :)
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