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Diplomatic Liaison

Prince Darius Ironclaw II convenes with the Equestrian Ambassador to the Northern Kingdoms of Griffinia, Astera Nocturna VI, to discuss serious matters of state.
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*Room explodes*
Death-Valley-Orchid's avatar
Oh, there is definitely a lot of "discussing" going on. *winkwink**nudgenudge**maniacalchuckling*  
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Rub heads and fall asleep in each other's arms. Go romance!
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Yes, serious matters.
TasticStarLight's avatar
are they flirting?
Matters of "state".  Rrrrright.
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Woh-ho-ho ;) VERY serious matters of state. Well.
I love this!
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Those serious matters are sex. Lots of sex.
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Very well put
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Is my Gaydar going off?
JackalyenMystique's avatar
Serious matters, my tailbone. :XD: All the same it is cute. I like it.
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Thunder staph das gay
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You know what? Screw it...

May I make a Clop-Fiction based on this picture, Equestria-Prevails?
GoatAnimeDatingSim's avatar
Not my thing but you're welcome to! It's Creative-Commons after all
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Many thanks for the permission, and it is an honor to speak to you.
luna-is-best-pony1's avatar
Suck his dick why don't you
Typhrus's avatar
I beg your pardon!? So, showing some respect for one of the greatest MLP Artists of all time is cause for you to compare it to a Fellatio!?

The hedonism emanating from you is disgusting...
luna-is-best-pony1's avatar
I'm comparing it to you riding his dick like he was king tut.  Dude's a good artist but not the kinda guy that wants the royal treatment from some odd fan who wants to make a porn fic between two of his characters.
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There is difference between showing respect and acting as if someone is royalty. I suggest you learn it.
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