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Deep Blue


A pic for the Friendship is Wild charity fanbook project. I decided to do something with fishes because they get overlooked a lot when people talk about protecting wild animals. Don't look too closely though because there's probably more misplaced wildlife than Far Cry 3 in there

Just in case you missed it on EQD, the Friendship is Wild fanbook will be sold to raise money for WildAid. If you'd like to get involved with the project please have a look at :iconashleynicholsart:'s page, email her at, or go to the preorder page at

Inked in OpenCanvas 6 this time, but still coloured in Photoshop
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It's lovely, but Fluttershy being friends with a shark seems like a bit of a stretch...unless that shark is related to "Bruce" or something.
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This is really wonderfully done. Fluttershy looks very sweet with her little smile, and it's great the way you made her mane flowing behind her as she swims. The underwater creatures seem quite happy with her presence here - especially that clown fish on the lower right, I think. Angel Bunny's expression is just so perfect, and the underwater foliage looks fantastic. You drew and colored this really well, and the subsurface lighting was done rather nicely. It must've taken a lot of work, but the results are so delightfully splendid! 
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Awww very adorable.
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IMagine if that clownfish was Nemo xD
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They say the sky high above, is Caribbean blue... hmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm.

man this art is relaxing and fascinating. love it! Fluttershy would be a great scuba diver! btw I'll make it happen in my fanfic!
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gorgeous picture!
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Nice to see Fluttershy interacting with fish. I love the smiling shark. And Angel is always a funny addition.
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Love the color palette on this one!  Beautiful work.  :love:
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Angel looks as if he can't be bothered to care anymore.
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ha! yeah i dig this! a lot! nice work!
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Yikes! Sharks!

Better swim out quickly, hopefully she'll find Freddi Fish another time. ;)
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It's so adorable how all the fish are smiling, like they're thinking "Hooray! Fluttershy is here!"
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Angel is pretty brave to be amongst predators that would gulp him in one swallow.
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That is so awesome i like it.
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Absolutely beautiful work. :)
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As someone who has found a new admiration for sea creatures, this is a lovely and refreshing piece.
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i love this XD 
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