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Left: Princess Stella [Firefly]
Right: Princess Rosetta (:iconfyre-flye:)

The kingdom of Concordia lies to the south-east of Equestria. This region is characterized by its dry and arid climate, and iron-rich quarries which supply steel of esteemed quality to the other kingdoms. Concordia's capital city, Bardingburgh, is famous for its dizzingly tall spires which lifts the city's inhabitants away from the dust storms which often buffet the region. Princess Rosetta is the sovereign ruler of Concordia.
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This is amazing! I've always referred to her as Fausticorn but Princess/Queen Rosetta sounds so much better. I'll be using that name from now on :D

It always bugged me that she didn't have a proper name xD
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How I wish this was canon.
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kilala97 was right about you your amzazing!
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Lauren Faust she looks cute. And Firefly looks adorable.
Amazing art:o (Eek) Clap :D (Big Grin) Heart 
Firefly and Fyre-flye!
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Yes!!! True!La la la la La la la la La la la la  I love it!Heart Heart Heart 
Is all of this art just for fun or is there some kind of story behind this? If there is, then I'd be interested in it.
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Wait a minute rainbow dashes mom is Lauren fruast royal guard in a different place that may not be in equestria and I thought they would be on equestria
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Awesome work :D
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This is too awesome!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
I'm still gonna call her Firefly, though... never Heard of Princess Stela before... :-?
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I'm sorry but... i am not calling her "Stella" xD
Luvponehs2's avatar
Ohmigod... It's Lauren Faust
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Not just the picture, but the description makes it all the cooler!
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who is the white princess? i never got her name anywhere
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Lauren Faust's OC. Typically called Fausticorn.
I love the magical places you've made up for the MLP world. Would love to see a world conference of all these kingdoms ^^
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Awesome scene, I love the colours  :clap:
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Truly a marvelous kingdom! No enemy shall conquer this kingdom, and even if they somehow get close to taking it over, the ponies will ride out and destroy them!
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With your permission, I would gladly bring Concordia to life in my fic!
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Airship hhhnnnnnnngggg
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