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A truly historic piece.
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This is beautiful.
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She is beautiful !! :D
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Wow... This is some nice artwork of Shining Armor & Cadance for when it was made!
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Probably the most commonly-mistaken-for-canon art on the internet.
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This picture, despite being created by a deviantart user, is frequently mistaken for an official Hasbro-created picture (since at the time Equestria-Prevails uploaded it, it was the most full, comprehensible look at Cadance and Shining Armor on the web) and is often used by fans in creating things that they would normally not use fanart for.
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Oh! Well... no offence to the artist, but this doesn't exactly look like Hasbro made it. They look alike, yes, but there are still some differences between them. I guess, some people aren't that perceptive. No offence to anyone...
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Do you mind if I use Shining Armor's eyes for a project I'm doing?
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Ah, they look to be a proper pair of emperor and empress.
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Wow it's so pretty! How much time did it take to downloud them? :D
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nice looking pair,^^
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... Wait a second, this isn't official art!? I FEEL SO LIED TO!
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Gameloft (the makers of the soon-to-come MLP mobile game) apparently liked your Cadence so much that they decided to use it in the promotional material for the game!

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Incredible! Very nice! I prefer this to the original characters, they look nicer here.
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I prefer this design of Shining Armour and Cadance over the show design. =D
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Also agreed. Especially Armour. He looks less... idk but he definitely looks like a guard in this.
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can i reference cadence please? a friend of mine wnts me to draw her lolz
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My colt for life calls me the Cadence to his shining armor!
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