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Spooky bat time story
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oh jesus, so cute
On a scale of cute to scray, this is just adorable.
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I don't know, this is pretty 'scray'.
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I would listen to any kind of story a bat tell me because they are so cute.
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Stoopit bat pone storeh
heart.exe has stopped working due to daaaawww overload, please restart.
<error code CUTE--->
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So F-ing adorable!
Oh, lighten up, Cloud!
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There jammies are supa cute.
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You know I wish there was a "download the entire freakin gallery button."
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"And then, right behind them, lurking in the darkness was-RARRHGHH-BLEH!"

*Unamused Face* "Yeeaah . . . not scary."

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Midnight Blossom: BLAAAA

Cloud Skipper: mmm

Midnight Blossom: Oh c'mon  that was scary

Cloud Skipper: If you say so
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Grumpy Cloud's adorable ^^
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D'aw I want those PJs~
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What fics are these characters from? They seem familiar but I can't pin it down
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