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Boarding Party

16" x 24"
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HOLY CRAAAAAP!!!!!!! This is what goes on outside of Equus? WHY WASN'T THIS EVER IN THE SHOW!? I might have actually watched it if this were an episode!

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how do you know the name of Equus if you've never seen it?

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I am an enthusiast of Lore- Lore of all types intrigues me

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Fair enough. So I guess you've never watched mlp, just looked at wikis and stuff?

TheDukeofArlington's avatar

I've watched Firey Joker's reviews and the Military Bronies

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*Fiery, and I should let you know that the name Equus is fanmade. They never use it in the show.

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         [X3] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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That one guy with the gun is like

"Parry this you filthy casual."

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I have missed this sort of pictures.
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Back the pony world we go! X3

I like how you're really taking a shine for these two characters you made. >w<

Very beautiful art too. OwO I'll just... add that to my collection here... >w< adds the artwork to a dropbox
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The level of detail you put into your work is always so great!
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Hi man, I've been watching your art since 2012! They inspired me to write a story about them, I'll write it first on my mother tongue and you always inspired me to make some arts! Greetings!

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It always blows me away just how much detail and love you put into everything, makes everything you make look so alive. It's honestly inspiring to see and it makes me wanna get better with my work and rethink how a do things.

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Now I wanna know more about these characters and their history :meow:
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I'm always blown away by how dynamic your pieces are!
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I particularly like what you did with the helmet designs, but the whole thing in general is great.

I've missed these artworks.

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Heh, the poor knight with a revolver, revolves aren't as badass as swords, nor is he the main character, so his technological advantage means nothing. :-)
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At a range this close the swordsman is likely to gut him before he can clear, aim, and fire that gun. Guns are ranged weapons. You need some distance to use them effectively.
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