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Griffin: Youre an disgrace to be part of the griffin!
Griffin/pony breed: Yes i am part pony and GRIFFIN. Problems with that, Pal!
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Uh-oh, looks like things are really getting chaotic!
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Frikkin' awesome work!
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It must be an argument over the fish. 
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Baby kirin is the cutest. 
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background village makes me think a little of  world of AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER / KORRA
so is there a 1920/1080p version that i could use as my desktop image?
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This is 3K/2880x1620 so it's already the right aspect ratio, if you set as wallpaper it should scale properly :)
I've tried it doesn't work why do you think i was asking 
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I love that derpy face the most XD.

But i think you put waaaay too much in that description... Calm down now..let us gather our own details you don't have to explain everything :p
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wtf a kiring/draconi? i thought they only lived on really high mountINA
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IS their a fan fic about this chaos
DJBL4CK's avatar
Whats going on here again?

also is this based off any fanfiction or just pure imagination?
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what kind of pony hybrid is the one with the baby?
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so in this universe everypony  is still in the old times of equestria  but are learning about new species and the EDF have to make sure to keep the peace between them what does EDF stead for anyway 
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There are a lot of sharp objects around...

This could get ugly very quickly...
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Yeah, look at the fish on top left!!!

They're Razor Sharp!!!
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I count four Razor Fish, one katana (In a scabbard), one short spear (Wrapped at least), one long spear (Again, wrapped), one long sword (In a scabbard), and a single bow.

These guys have PLENTY to work with.
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no flying allowed lol
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I have a feeling that there is a lot of "A disgrace to our race" and "Abomination" comments from that griffin.
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nice drawing about medie... no wait,i can see electricity but the guard is medieval.
i am confused
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This is this version of her mlp view where its magic with tech
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ok thats it! too much inspiration must DRAW!!!!
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