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Black Islands

Princess Galaxia [Galaxy]

- Galaxia is G1 Galaxy but with G1 Majesty's colour scheme. G1 Galaxy just has a really weird scheme and her coat is too similar to Firefly's.

Across the western seas, scraggly peaks and obsidian towers pierce through the ocean mist marking the beginnings of the Black Islands, over which Princess Galaxia holds dominion. Within the grand libraries of its capital city Empyrea, ancient and arcane secrets are sequestered away.
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Oh gosh I just found this amazing piece again! :heart: Just wanted to let you know that this was one of the first pieces of MLP fanart I ever saw that made me fall in love with the show and fandom! Awesome work! ^^

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Ooooh, very nice-looking mare! Would she count as Majesty or as Galaxy? or both?
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Oh wooow! She became my new favourite pony
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Is this on Derpibooru, because I can't see it anywhere on there.

EDIT: nvm, i found it, just wasn't searching the right tags... >.<
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The world of Equestria boasts many gods and demons, fearsome beings capable of leveling mountains, commanding nightmare creatures and harnessing the elemental forces of this world and the next. But if knowledge is power there is one greater than all the gods in existence. Known as Majesty and the Twinkle Eyed Pony, she is Princess Galaxia, and her spheres of dominion encompass the furthest reaches of knowledge and the deepest depths of fate.
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OMG this is so cool I live it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So AWESOMEEs increible! !
CelticSphinx's avatar
OMG!!! Beautiful!!!!!
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Quisiera dibujar algún día tan bien como tú.
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This has nothing to do with Tron, guys.
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"Welcome to Tron. I'll be your guide"
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I would so totally live there.
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This is such a wonderful and stunning picture! 
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Grey Lensman Kimball Kinneson strode the decks of the Galactic Patrol's flagship, the mighty Directrix, and entered the Command Center where a three-story-tall cylinder of energy, the "tank," displayed, via intersecting energy tight-beams, the position, vector and speed of every vessel, friendly, hostile or noncombatant, within three thousand cubic parsecs of cold and airless interstellar space, and immediately there flashed through his keen Arisian-trained mind the trenchant thought: Hey--there's a horse in here.
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This is absolutely amazing; I love the lights emanating from the floors and wall, and the moody and mysterious atmosphere.
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At first glance I thought Princess Celestia had jumped into Tron!
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can u go t my profile and draw the fan pony I created? her name is omega and she has blue and gold hair. if you do I would really appreciate it! thanks. (also what program do you use? also can It be for free?)
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OMGosh she's so BEAUTIFUL!
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This kinda reminds me of the first civilization from assassins creed.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU create THESE?! all of your pics I have on my ipod touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your my friend make very nice Alicorn OC's
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I love her puppy dog eyes!
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