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Arcane Realms

Spike (the magic dragon)


Another fun piece to ink!
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there are no words in the English language that can describe how amazing this is!
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Who needs wings when you have magic?
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Is Spike like the BFG?
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Heh heh fantastic job!!!!!!!!!
Love the feel of this. "Spike, Magical Prodigy, at your service!"

He looks ready for an adventure :)
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Hey, your wonderful art and the way you titled it inspired me to write a story about Spike doing the magics. :) If it's okay I'll be using it as a cover art (it links to this page of course).
You can find the story here.
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Twilight would be proud. :)
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I like the idea of Spike having magic of his own. Given his ability to send and receive messages from Princess Celestia at any given time (whether it's in-born or given to him by Celestia, as some people like to think), it seems perfectly plausible, and fitting for the Element of Magic's assistant and best friend. Love your aged-up Spike design, too! Your drawings have so much character. Each one is like a single page from one of the most detailed, creative stories about the FiM universe that I wish I could read.
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I dig this possible future. =)
I can't help but see rune circles from Fairy Tail.
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The way you draw Spike is just awesome. Pure awesome.
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What program do you use to draw? I would really like to know.
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I would like Spike to grow up like that... With the addition of wings!
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I know right? It always seems like evolution cheated on the poor guy.
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We need some magic gemstones in this.
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I'd like they could pull something that nice with Spike. Good design too.
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"Spike (the magic dragon)"
lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Equestria~ 

(wait, that last part doesn't rhyme...)
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This picture just convinced me that Spike starts to need aging.
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Somehow this makes me think of Disney's "The Apprentice" 

I sort of also halfway expect brooms to start dancing about in there and collect water. Nice done.
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Woah! Spike's got magic powers?! Sooo awesome!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
His grown-up design here is reeeaaally nice, by the way! :D :D :D
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