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Aerial Supremacy

Corona Horizon: Formerly the flagship of the Equestrian Royal Guards, this ancient but formidable vessel has been retrofitted with fighter hangars and modern artillery such as Dragonfire* howitzers

Yellowjacket: Nimble pusher-prop fighter plane armed with light machine guns

Lightning spear: Based on the traditional weapon of the Royal Guards, the latest generation models are made of coronium** and retracts down to a compact size

Shadow claws: Specialty bladed weapons typically used by Lunar Guards

Dragonskin: A scale-like armor that hardens in response to physical trauma


* A powdery green residue harvested from naturally occuring thermal vents throughout Henosia, dragonfire is used as an amalgam in a variety of processes but is more often added to gunpowder to improve its stability and performance. 'Dragonfire' is also often used to refer to the final product itself

** A brassy-gold metal that is characteristic of Equestrian engineering, used in a diverse range of applications
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Holy Celestia. She is a Beauty. "Corona Horizon". Love the ship.

ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
That Thestral mare looks to be havin' the time of her life XD!
JimmyJamNo1's avatar
I wish the actual show had something awesome like this in the series.
WALN-Zell's avatar
Watch out for popper cannons. 
Kiryu2012's avatar
>"Dragonskin: A scale-like armor that hardens in response to physical trauma"
WALN-Zell's avatar
But it gets all soggy under emotional trauma. 
Typhrus's avatar
"Take command of the air, when you engage the enemy." Field Marshal Albert Kesselring.
CeeDeePlayer's avatar
wooow, I never considered such an aerial weaponry concept, those claws are really a source of inspiration
Toxicmaster96's avatar
this universe is awsome, it just needs a F4U Corsair laeding a Yellowjacket formation, like they found one in the deep sea or in a jungle and they bring it back to life and now serving to the Royal Guards, more range, more firepower, more powerfull, more deadly   F´ing YEAAHH 
CeeDeePlayer's avatar
I'd really love to see other people being interested in this universe, creating lots of little things to add and make of this a well difined world concept
MatHav-13's avatar
Play "Thunderstruck" over this: now it's 20% cooler.
NoisyPegasus's avatar
Are these items stat'ed out? :o
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Pusher-prop? Nah. I prefer infantry. Don't wanna have to bail out of  pusher-prop. :-P
Gen-SilverChicken's avatar
Oh yeah. That may turn out pretty ugly :I

Maybe that's the reason there is more pull prop than push... also jets...
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Yep. :-)
Our dear pony friends need some bit of human engineering, here.
eldes01's avatar
If man can make a helicopter with an ejection seat, you could make this work just the same. Just need a controlled means to jettison the blades off the craft. Engineering, ho!
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Fair point, indeed.

Still, in my humble opinion, the practical balance seems to be clearly tipped in the favor of pulling propellers.

Now that I look at this thing again, I'd prefer the airship to have its ship-like hull "welded" to the gas enveloppe,
pretty much like our world's Zeppelins.
Indigo-Steel's avatar
I can imagine unicorn pilots\crewmen in the Yellowjackets or zepplins flying around while at the same time keeping up a shield spell around the ships during combat.
iWantcoal's avatar
Don't the lunar guards need shades? Their eyes aren't designed for direct sunlight that's not softened by the atmosphere...
BulletFodder80's avatar
When the Dragonskin description specifically says the phrase "hardens in response to physical trauma," I can't help but think of the main villain of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, who has nanomachines in his body that do exactly the same thing. He even says the same phrase to describe them!
SpyroD's avatar
I think my OC, Colton would have some epic fun in this style of world. He is based of the Equestia 1000 years before Twilight, and he is a blacksmith, so I think he'd fit in very well, not to mention this stlye would greatly improve his armor(which I have yet to post, due to not having my laptop).
EUNE7's avatar
Yes the flying muffin armors mmm
EUNE7's avatar
benny Babys I need them, GIVE THEM TO MEEEEE!
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