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Hi guyz Ara here!! Today I would like to share my little information about me and my lovely Diaviper Seav^^.. I'm big fan of Pokemon especially snake type :P

Alright for my character, it's similar with my reality character which is long black hair,black eyes,short girl like 11 years old,a red ribbon side my head,wear a orange-red medium gown with crescent and two stars,playful girl except when the exam around the corner,easy being trick by someone(Seav too) as a gamer, I can't stop play until I content it..sometimes my mood change all of sudden when there's something unexpected happened..
That's all for for Seav^^

Seav is a hybird seviper his body was blue dark with some patches of blue diamond since he froze in the ice for a long years...he had blue dark eyes that can made everyone scared to him of course in the edge of his tail has blade,he had no fangs ..well weird huh? Its still one mystery thing..he pretty tricky snake like when I tried to opened the lamp during night,he just about to scared me by jumping on me but sometimes in good mood though maybe because of our first met.No one dare to criticized about his....size..when he had nightmares I'll helped him by pat him softly you won't know what happened when I tried to calm him down..he need more my attention but however when I sad ,he always by my side^^