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Deliver the egg(undone art) by GoAraX25X Deliver the egg(undone art) :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 1 0 Love live school idol -Chika-chan- by GoAraX25X Love live school idol -Chika-chan- :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 2 0 Sao-Silica- by GoAraX25X Sao-Silica- :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 2 0 Torchic  by GoAraX25X Torchic :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 2 0 Yuki Hanamaru by GoAraX25X Yuki Hanamaru :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 1 0 Team AseaV by GoAraX25X Team AseaV :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 3 0 Anime(random) by GoAraX25X Anime(random) :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 2 0 Soul Eater-Maka- by GoAraX25X Soul Eater-Maka- :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 4 0 Silica-chan(SAO) by GoAraX25X Silica-chan(SAO) :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 1 0 Sword Art Online by GoAraX25X Sword Art Online :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 1 0 Team AseaV by GoAraX25X Team AseaV :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 0 0 doodle by GoAraX25X doodle :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 0 0 Conda its just a joke(anaconda) by GoAraX25X Conda its just a joke(anaconda) :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 1 0 oh Seav look at here (colour) by GoAraX25X oh Seav look at here (colour) :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 5 1 Oh Seav look at here w by GoAraX25X Oh Seav look at here w :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 0 0 Having fun with my snake Seav by GoAraX25X Having fun with my snake Seav :icongoarax25x:GoAraX25X 0 1


Meeting Rainbow Dragon (softvore version)
It was a cold night the rain fell without ends, the winds blew peacefully in the area, the black clouds hid the moon and stars from sight, the moon and stars tried to shine through the clouds, you were running through the area trying to find some shelter from this storm. Your village had been destroyed by a tsunami you had no idea if anyone else survived but they could be badly injured you couldn’t say for certain, you fell on to the ground and got covered in mud you leaned up thankfully the rain was cleaning off the mud.
You heard a low growl you looked ahead to see a massive cave and an eastern dragon-like creature floated out, it had pure white scales, two large white feathered wings, it had red, orange, yellow and green crystal stones along its neck, it had small yellow wings, small white membrane wings lower down its body, it had blue, green and purple crystals a lower down the body, it had a blue horn on its head, a blue horn pointing backwards, a long white spike facing ba
:icondeathwatcher123:Deathwatcher123 20 4
Zero's Tale Chapter 1
   Today was one of the most important days in my life. Yesterday was graduation and that means today I get chosen. Every graduate has to meet at the caves at noon to have a dragon pick them. Many get chosen, but those who aren't are shunned. I myself doubted I would be chosen, I was majorly skilled in magic and a little bit of combat but I was small. A dragon wants a strong, reliable companion that they could count on and not have to worry about saving.
A loud male voice came from my right “Okay graduates, today you will be chosen by a dragon to be their companion, remember now the dragon chooses you, you do not choose the dragon”. What am I going to do, my thought was interrupted as I was pushed backward. There in front of me stood Alex with a smirk on his face. “Oops I didn't see where I was going” he said innocently. “We both know did that on purpose” I responded. He again replied confidently “So, What are you doing here, this pla
:iconditch-wizard:Ditch-Wizard 6 0
Challenge 11- Sadness -VORE-
Piper wasn't sure just how long she'd been crying…but every time she felt as if she'd run dry, more tears would spring forth and spill from her eyelids, leaving her sobbing and shaking all over again..
Her day had been nothing short of miserable. And miserable was probably putting it lightly.
So many things going wrong…things that had been falling apart a long time. And of course they would all decide to finally collapse on her at once. And now….Edmund was pissed, who knew when he'd be willing to speak with her again…
The thought drew a strangled whine from her throat and she shut her eyes tight as another fit of sobbing spasms shook her. She clutched at her blanket and burrowed deeper against the warm wall beside her…a warm...furry wall.
Her living pillow echoed her whine…and she calmed a little, remembering that she wasn't alone.
"S-Sorry, Ivan…" Piper opened her eyes, but it wasn't like she could see much anyway…without her glasses or contacts everything looked to be like a blurry m
:iconkaijugroupie:KaijuGroupie 31 25
House Trained 8 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader)
Yes, this was the right thing to do.  You smirked, so impressed with yourself.  Obviously, curling up into a ball under the blankets was the best decision you ever made.  Nothing could get you out of here.  Just like when you were young, the covers were an impenetrable shield from the monsters.
'I'll just live like this from now on,' you thought in triumph.  You could order pizza or whatever else delivered everyday and just lay in bed and watch Netflix and browse forums until you grew old and feeble.  Heck!  You could even do online schooling!  You were an adult, ready to live your life as a scared child.
"Oh my god, this is so sad."
Before you could fall into a deep depression you heard your cellphone ring loudly, making you search around with a frown when you noticed it was nowhere in your room.  You looked into the hallway and pouted, not wanting to leave your safe haven that was your bed.  But it could be importa
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 173 34
A cold night and a warm stomach (Vore story)
    Snow fell from the sky, the winter breeze sneaking under the warm layers of leather as Adam sat in the woods. The leaves had fallen and the snow was still a light powder. He was traveling with Zelta to go to a new cave they had heard about. News was that the cave had a hot spring and maybe even some treasure. Adam had wanted to see if it was true and Zelta didn’t mind to go on a small adventure but the snow was unexpected. Sure it was the cold season, but the storm was completely random, just appeared out of nowhere. Zelta sniffed around before going over to Adam. He was running through the snow, throwing small snowballs around. Zelta couldn’t help but chuckle at his little friend have fun.
    “Adam, come on, we need to keep going! If not we will freeze out here!”
Adam nodded and walked with the long serpent dragon. His white scales glistened against the white snow. The one thing Adam loved more than the sleek scales of Zelta w
:iconbotsu1x:botsu1x 17 0
A cold night and a warm stomach part 2 vore story!
The snow fell harder like rain, Zelta could barely make out the shape of a mountain side from the distance. He growled to himself as he continued to fly forward, diving down to gain speed. His fire was the only light against the grey cold sky. The cold was getting to him, his muscles ached, his scales froze, and frost was settling in his mane, even with the golden flames barely keeping him warm. The cold wind blew small frozen flakes like needles, stinging once they made contact.
Zelta roared out and crashed into a cave on the mountain side. The cold was getting to be too much. The ground was cold as the mighty dragon stood up on his four giant claws and walked deeper into the cave, his fire burning brightly for light. The small opening welcomed him into a giant chasm of darkness. He blew golden fire from his snout, letting the light fill the darkness for a second. The area was open, warmer than the freezing cold, and big enough for Zelta to coil up his massive body. He started to curl
:iconbotsu1x:botsu1x 6 0
Endertale - Page 25 by TC-96 Endertale - Page 25 :icontc-96:TC-96 2,285 785 Endertale - Page 22 by TC-96 Endertale - Page 22 :icontc-96:TC-96 2,703 2,018 Endertale - Page 12 by TC-96 Endertale - Page 12 :icontc-96:TC-96 2,007 836 More than just friends by livinlovindude More than just friends :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 871 693
Alone together and never seperated (art trade!
   Fear is an important tool. When they fear what hunts them, it keeps them away. That’s when I’m happy. Not for the hunt, even though it is fun, but because I get my peace and quiet. You don’t understand how hard that is to achieve when you’re someone like me.
   I look down at my paws, black fur spotted with orange dots. Yup… cause That’s what ever sneaky predator has, bright orange against black fur… I sighed deeply and climbed up a tree, my long tail swaying left and right, my orange eyes darting around from time to time before laying down and relaxing. This is what I do every day, hunt, eat, relax. Who could ask for…
   “Hello? Anyone here”
"Great… what now… " I growled under my breath as I looked down to see a small girl, about eleven or so, wandering around in the woods. Her skin was pale with fear, her dark hair matched the ground as she suddenly fell on a tree root and planted
:iconbotsu1x:botsu1x 3 0
Uprora Chapter 10 - Friends of the Deep
Contains vore, and lots of it this time. Don't read if you don't like it.
Friends of the Deep
Jake woke up, still inside Jelly’s body. The room was pitch black, and all the walls around him moved. “Are you up Jake?” She asked. “Yes.” Jake replied. Jelly slowly made her body translucent to not blind Jake. He saw they were still underwater in a giant reef. Fishes of all kinds swam, and things like sea anemones and giant clams dotted the ground. “Hey Jelly, what happened Azure?” Jake asked curious about what happened yesterday. “The police came and detained her, I’m sure she’ll get released after some things get worked out. Azure was never a bad dragon, she just had a problem where she thought she would get rejected by others without even trying, but in truth we would’ve been her friends.” Jelly explained, moving to the coast. “So, she was just lonely?” Jake said sadly. “Yes.” Jelly replied.
:iconspartanblast:SpartanBlast 21 4
Uprora Chapter 9 - Azure's Prisoner
Contains vore, and near vore imprisonment. Don't read if you don't like it.
Azure’s Prisoner
“WHAT!? So I’m your prisoner!?” Jake shouted.
“I suppose that’s one way of putting it. Now you are to do everything I say, understood?” She continued with the orders, ignoring to even identify the boy’s confusion. “I’m not doing anything! Not until you tell me what’s going on!” Jake shouted back. The sea dragon lunged and pinned Jake to the ground. “Don’t talk back to me like that!” The dragon growled angrily. “However, I will tell you what’s happening. I’m Azure, I brought you here after finding you in that cave. This cave is in the ocean, and you’ll be living here with me.” “You just straight up kidnapped me!? Take me back to my family!” Jake demanded, the dragon pinned him down harder. “So you’re not going to be obedient, I’m going to have to f
:iconspartanblast:SpartanBlast 20 0
Uprora Chapter 8 - The Hunt
Contains vore, and lots of it this time. Don't read if you don't like it
The Hunt
It had been two days since the meeting with Royal and her hive. They all said their goodbyes and left the jungle for home. Fall was approaching its end, and the Scales family have been stockpiling food for the winter. It had already been a very chilly cold in the forest, now every night a little bit of frost was on the grass. It was one of the dreary and cloudy days where the clouds cover the entire sky and the daylight was dim.
Lilly coiled around a branch on the big jungle tree near home. She was napping with Jake in the mellow day, he was laying against a part of her body hanging off the branch as if it were a hammock for him. Both were resting peacefully, until Lilly woke up. She unhinged her jaws in a wide yawn and looked below the branch to check on her brother. He was still sleeping against her yellow belly. As much as she didn’t want to wake him up, she wanted to go home, and to get home wit
:iconspartanblast:SpartanBlast 21 3
Uprora Chapter 7 - The Hive
Contains vore. Don't read if you don't like it.
The Hive
It was a clear, sunny day in the jungle. Wildlife could be heard chirping, the wind blew through the leaves, and rays of sun could be sun flowing through the gaps in the trees. Everyone began waking up at the village, and Jake was lying cuddled against Faith’s chest, her arms holding him close. Aggrae spat him out sometime earlier, and he decided to continue to nap until his friends decided to wake up. Aggy brought breakfast for everyone, and Faith woke up to the smell. She saw her brother cuddled up to her chest. Jake received ‘good morning’ nuzzles from Faith. Everyone soon woke up and began eating. Sinks, Catcher, and Snatcher had already left, leaving the five alone to do whatever they liked.
They would finally see Luna’s old friend. Jake and Amber had never met who they were going to meet, they had planned to yesterday, but got sidetracked. The plan was to leave seen, and Aggy would stay home. Everyon
:iconspartanblast:SpartanBlast 23 12
Uprora - Man on the Moon
Contains vore. Don't read if you don't like it.
Uprora Short – Man on the Moon
Conner Neal, astronaut and engineer serving at a mining facility on Uprora’s moon. He job was to oversee the mechanical tools while they were operating on site. Uprora’s moon was filled with valuable Erchius crystals, that were used in making faster warp engines. Upon landing on the moon, it was found out that it was inhabited as well. Environmental laws forbid mining in populated areas, but the site mined in the sectors devoid of life.
Conner, who went by Neal on the job, ran the drill’s diagnostics on his datapad as the men installed it over the ground. Scanners detected a large Erchius vein directly below them. Once the drill was finished setting up, Conner activated it on his datapad. Chunks of moon rocks flew in the low gravity environment as the drill powered through the ground. A minute later, enormous cracks appeared in the ground around them, crumbling sounds were heard as we
:iconspartanblast:SpartanBlast 11 0



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Deliver the egg(undone art)
Wow..We're gonna have a new member this year..Can't wait to see a hibrid one..It must be strong
Love live school idol -Chika-chan-
Seeing them singing makes my heart melting and of course it inspired me to go through a lot no matter how challenge they are.The important is never give up
Hi guyz Ara here!! Today I would like to share my little information about me and my lovely Diaviper Seav^^.. I'm big fan of Pokemon especially snake type :P

Alright for my character, it's similar with my reality character which is long black hair,black eyes,short girl like 11 years old,a red ribbon side my head,wear a orange-red medium gown with crescent and two stars,playful girl except when the exam around the corner,easy being trick by someone(Seav too) as a gamer, I can't stop play until I content it..sometimes my mood change all of sudden when there's something unexpected happened..
That's all for for Seav^^

Seav is a hybird seviper his body was blue dark with some patches of blue diamond since he froze in the ice for a long years...he had blue dark eyes that can made everyone scared to him of course in the edge of his tail has blade,he had no fangs ..well weird huh? Its still one mystery thing..he pretty tricky snake like when I tried to opened the lamp during night,he just about to scared me by jumping on me but sometimes in good mood though maybe because of our first met.No one dare to criticized about his....size..when he had nightmares I'll helped him by pat him softly you won't know what happened when I tried to calm him down..he need more my attention but however when I sad ,he always by my side^^


GoAraX25X's Profile Picture
Hi! I'm Sara ...well..there's many thing that I still don't know about DeviantArt .I love drawing to lwt out of the boredom life and i accidently find a useful to show all my art to hear your suggest about,i would like someone can tell me that.plz bear with me ^^
Edit:i'm huge fan of pokemon and i usually drawing pokemon a lot than other animes..


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