Wellington Wells Postcard Contest Semi-finalists

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Hero-bg by dtab428The submission period for the @WeHappyFewGame #WellingtonWells Postcard Contest is over. Come for a visit and check out the Joy-filled 25 Semi-Finalists!
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Excuse me, I just want to ask: in the rules it's said, that winners will be confirmed on or about August 30, is it still right?
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Yes, keep a look out for the Winners page.
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Get a word to the Game Developers to put some bonus animation clips in end game scenarios like good ending or bad ending with some animation stopping to as newspaper (FRONT PAGE) clips with a twist! I worked my way out to make my piece as close as game like, but it bombed out of the contest. I have no issues if there is a place for it in the game cut-scenes! :)

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Amazing semi-finalists! Good luck everyone Wish You Luck 
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ArainMorn's is absolutely fantastic to my tastes. :icongolfclapplz:
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My gosh, thank you! T____T
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First I think we have to recognize and congratulate the finalists, because they have tried as hard as we did. I believe that the awarded works are of quality. I'm not sure if they were all the best but it's a contest whose tasks I do not know if they are strictly artistic. I do not know. I was surprised that some good jobs were not among the 25. And I would have liked Deviant art to give some recognition to the best young talents that were not selected. For example, giving membership to some who do not have it. And I do not say it for me but for 2 examples (and there are more) that I leave here below.

Greetings from Wellington Wells by MoonlightPrincess Visit Wellington Wells postcard by Arkuny by Arkuny
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Thank you very much for your mention, I feel honored! :aww: :heart: 
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Your work deserves it. definitely.
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I.. I don't know what to say [Bunny Emote] Embarrassed  I'm really grateful for your appreciation. Thank you!
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First congrats to the semifinalists. There's some really good ones in here. It'll be interesting to see who wins - Good luck everyone (=

I always feel weird when I'm about to say something negative about a contest I've participated in. No matter what, it'll always seem like comments from someone who doesn't take loosing very well. I also don't want to spoil the mood for the semifinalists, since I truly mean it, when I say there are some really good ones in the mix.

But I'm a bit disappointed with the judging of the semifinalists.
I know art is subjective. I know they might just be looking for something else. I know mine wasn't the most inspired piece (I would have done better had I played the game, I think).
But it seems that some of the artwork in the semifinals ... well. Shouldn't really be there. Some of the rules haven't been followed. Maybe I'm a stick-in-the-mud, but if a piece doesn't follow *all* the rules of a contest, it shouldn't be eligible for a semifinalist spot - no matter how awesome-looking the art is or how great the idea is.

I'll just cross my fingers that the actual 1st, 2nd and 3rd price goes to someone who *did* follow all the rules
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Since my entry didn’t place, am I allowed to post it elsewhere? Just on one of my other art pages, for sharing- I would acknowledge it was an entry for a contest that has closed. 
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You can share your works in your social media networks for sharing purpose. 
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Well I busted ass for the piece, proud of it was wayyyy out of my comfort zone and made me find out that there is a layer limit on my art program haha! Oh well I will admit I should've made mine more surreal made it too much of the characters instead of the game itself. Congrats to the semi finalists!

Mature Content

Welcome from Wellington Wells by BloodyDarkSanity
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Well, at least I got some good practice in with my entree;
We happy few are unhappy with joy by TwistedViolinist
Back to the drawing board and studying with me! That way I may be worthy of being a winning artist next time w00t! 
Excellent job and congrats to the winners, your entrees are all lovely~!
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Ohhh its very nice and colorful I like the vibrant colors
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Why thank you very much!! Yours is pretty cool too, I like the shading and expressions Clap 
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You're welcome! Have a nice day!
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Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy playing We Happy Few!
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Congratulations to the winners. :) All great picks.
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Im curious if any of you guys can give me some constructive criticism, I was really proud of how mine turned out but I now feel it was slight delusion on my part. (I also through you weren’t allowed to trace? A lot of these trace the policeman....)
Heres my entry:
Wish you were here! by DoodleRooChu
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