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Og-preview-winners by seoul-childIn the Split Shattered Self Contest, DeviantArt challenged deviants to depict an inner struggle—either inspired by the movie Split or their personal experiences—and the winners are in! View the three winning entries hand-picked by M. Night Shyamalan now!

In The Split Shattered Self Contest, DeviantArt challenged artists to depict an inner struggle—either inspired by their own lives or the movie Split—and the winners are in! M. Night Shyamalan spent the last week reviewing each of the beautiful and highly creative semi-finalst to determine which pieces best represented an inner struggle. After considering each artwork’s originality, artistic skill, and success in portraying the contest theme, Shayamalan selected the following three pieces to win The Split Shattered Self Contest.

Read the comments from Director M. Night Shyamalan about each winner below, and join us in congratulating the three stellar contest winners!

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Funny how the winner works look so similar in style, medium, content and expression. It looks like it has all been made by the same artist. Wouldn't it have been more interesting to not pick stuff that looks so similar? I mean, congrats to the winners, yes, but still. A bit more variation would have been nice here. dA has so many styles to offer so why only focusing on one here?
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If I didn't know any better I'd think this was a "Gloomy hell full of bald men" contest.
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Congratulations to all the winners, and to all participants. I've seen some great work while browsing the contestants.
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In my opinion it all reminds me TOO much of the movie itself and it seems that the artists were extremly inspired by it.. I'm not even sure if I recognize any own story in it...but however I am just a normal deviant so I guess I have no clue and experience in this. Congratulations to the winners, the pictures are inredible drawn tho.
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I didn't really care.....
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Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest, an outstanding effort by all of you! How the judges went through all the heart felt entries is a task I would not want. 
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Congrats to the winners.
However I love how they chose similar images and similar medias.
They should of had winners for different mediums. 
Not everyone on deviant-art uses graphic design or concept art
Some draw from scratch, paint or even sculpt.

Would of been nice to see more winners for various materials, medias etc.
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Congrats to all three winners. They remind me of classical paintings - well done!
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In my opinion, the movie was incredibly toxic and inaccurate, but if you like that kind of thing, good for you I guess ??

The artwork, however, is beautiful and haunting, and so many amazing pieces came out of it. Congrats to the winners and the semi-finalists.
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If you're getting paid by a movie sponsor to host a contest online and you encourage people to 'draw their own internal struggles' before choosing the eventual winners that go against the rules in which you specify, then chances are you're not hosting a contest right. Case in point, the Split contest. If you look at the comments section you will see how contradictory the rules for this particular contest were. Take five minutes out of your day to view the comments sections of each of the journal entries promoting the contest and you will understand what I mean.
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Cool! It's an interesting coincident that both 1st and 2nd prize go to Kazakhstan! :D :thumbsup:
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:congrats:to the winners. I can't imagine ever winning such a huge amount from an art contest! timens must be beside themselves with joy! 
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Listen here dudes I should have won because umm I actually put effort in  mine
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congrats good job...
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congrats to the finalists!  your artwork is amazing
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Hum... I was one of the 25 finalist on this contest, DA promised a 3 month core membership and 800 points to them, I was wondering when are they gonna give them ?
AriaGrill's avatar
which one did you enter?
StarseedRaven's avatar
The one titled "the inner beings" is in my gallery, it was one of the top 25, I've seen they already gave me the 3 month core, but not the 800 DA points..
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