Onmyoji Fan Art Contest Semi-finalists

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Ogpreview by symonxCheck out the Semi-Finalists in the Onmyoji Fan Art Contest!

You were asked to celebrate the 92 playable characters of Onmyoji with Fan Art showcasing your favorite, and we received so many great pieces it was difficult narrowing them down!

After much deliberation, the 25 semi-finalists have been chosen by DeviantArt staff members and an Independent Judge. The semi-finalists outside of the top 3 will receive 1 3-month Core Membership and 2,000 DeviantArt Points!

We now move on to the next phase as NetEase Games and Onmyoji Creative Director Wang Yang select the First, Second, and Third-Place Winners. Stay tuned!

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These are all so gorgeous.

Here was mine:  Onmyoji entry Aoandon_Tell me your story by AyosDesignz  
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if you don't succeed, try again

I didn't win, either but there will be plenty of chances to win many contests in the future, guys, no need to fret, just work harder and become better
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This was mine: Ancient Japanese Drawing of Mio - Onmyoji Contest by GrimGranolaArt  
Unfortunately I didn't make the contest on time and thus couldn't put it in the right category to be counted by the judges. 
Had I known that ancient Japanese was what they were looking for, I would have tried harder to get it in on time. lol 
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Congrats to the semi-finalists! There were a lot of good entries for this, and I think that even many who didn't make it still had amazing pieces to share. 
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I think these are all good choices. Lovely work!
I would agree on the disappointment in lack of Traditional works, but I also know diversity in selection can lead less popular styled/smaller artists getting slammed by the masses just for being chosen.
These are all safe picks :)
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Ouch, the comments

You win some and you lose some, guys. For every competition I won or placed in, from big cash prizes to small and personal contests, I’ve lost more times than I can count. You just have to try again with a different approach

Yes, the rules and criteria were very vague and should have been clarified early on. But I always thought the professional thing to do was to smile and move on to the next project. I’ve seen art teachers bitch about who their students lost to but I’ve never seen them do that in front of those who won
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Kusa - Onmyoji Fan Art Contest by Luxrish  (My entry, thought I'd share!)

Congrats to the semi finalists! These are all amazing entries, not one of them doesn't deserve the prize. 

However, on a less positive note, no traditional art made it through. This is the first contest I've entered on dA and I'm curious as to whether digital art dominates when it comes to contests. If that's the case, I've lost all motivation to enter any more contests in the future unless I absolutely adore the concept. 

Anyway, I look forward to finding out who the finalists are! :3
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when will winners be announced?
(hehe. i'm not even a participant but i'm excited) 
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good vibes Juggle 
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Im kind of skeptic on the selection process for the semi finalists. I'm not saying i should have been chosen but there are clearly better artworks than some of the ones that made it into the semifinals.
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Beautiful! Good luck!
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congratulations guys!
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Congratulations to the semi finalists <3
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Congrats to the Semi-Finalists!!
All of these looks amazing!!
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Congratulations everyone! These are all so stunning~ Best of luck!
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I'll also post my comment here.
They said "From glamorous portraits to shows of power and everything in between, create a piece of art of your favorite character". 
Onmyoji Fan Art by Maya-nyan
Making a scene like I did is not good for portraying character's power or how he/she usually is. It was just a interpretation of how I thought the character would react in a certain situation, which is not what they asked for. The accent of the illustration is not the character itself, it is more on the scene. And I think that this was the issue with many other artworks no matter how good or detailed they were. This means that they were not successful in "Portraying the Contest Theme". All the charters from the semi finalist's drawings are the focal point of the illustration and they look powerful, they are not just doing random things. 
People need to accept a defeat. It was a contest, some wins, some don't. Don't feel sad or angry, improve and try again next time. 
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omg all of these are amazing!!!!
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I would have hoped for there to be a bit more diversity in the picks (many share pretty similar composition and semi-realistic painting styles, still no traditional art which is a bit disappointing), but they're still executed pretty well. Congrats to the winners!
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Congrats all but disappointed at the lack of traditional art in the winners as usual. Seems you have to be digital to be noticed these days.
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For the Kubo contest they had awhile back, a traditional piece won first place. Doesn't matter what medium you use, just how you use it.
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There must have been no traditional artists who have been worth looking at to the judges for this one then, which I find hard to believe somehow out of all the entries 
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I agree with you they forgot traditional work...even tho congrats to the semi-finalist but they just really forgot traditional...
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