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Ogpreview by symonxCelebrate the unique 92 character roster of #Onmyoji and win! Learn how your fan art could nab you some cool prizes here:

Let's Go!

A world-wide hit, Onmyoji is a fun, compelling turn-based mobile RPG set in Heian period Japan (794-1185AD) where humans and the supernatural coexist. We're celebrating the expansion of its massive roster of characters with a contest! From glamorous portraits to shows of power and everything in between, create a piece of art of your favorite character for your chance to win!

With 92 powerful, playable characters with unique backstories, the problem won't be finding a favorite character, it'll be choosing only one!

Browse the assets to help you get inspired and create art that makes your favorite shine!

The Judge: WANG YANG, CREATIVE DIRECTOR (The designer of the character Kagura)

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Example Artwork by TamberElla

How To Enter

Step 1

Watch the trailer, check out the characters, and download the assets from the game to learn more about Onmyoji.

Download Assets
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Step 2

Create an original piece of art illustrating any one of the 92 characters! Find inspiration in the asset pack and official website.

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Step 3

Contest Closed

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$4,000 USD1-year Core MembershipYoto Hime FigureIn-Game Rewards
- Art Master Frame x1- Jade x2,000- Mystery Amulet x30
Picture Keeper Connect 64gb + Picture Keeper Pro 500gb
$2,000 USD6-month Core MembershipYoto Hime FigureIn-Game Rewards
- Art Master Frame x1- Jade x1,000- Mystery Amulet x20
Picture Keeper Connect 32gb + Picture Keeper Pro 64gb
$1,000 USD6-month Core MembershipYoto Hime FigureIn-Game Rewards
- Art Master Frame x1- Jade x500- Mystery Amulet x10
Picture Keeper Connect 16gb + Picture Keeper Pro 32gb
2,000 DeviantArt Points3-month Core MembershipPicture Keeper Pro 32gb


The Onmyoji Contest Begins At 12:00:00 p.m. (PT - Los Angeles Time) On May 11, 2018 And Ends At 11:59:59 p.m. (PT - Los Angeles Time) On June 4, 2018 (The "Promotion Period").

  • Entrant must be at least thirteen (13) years old as of May 11, 2018 to be eligible to enter the Contest;
  • In order to enter the Contest, Entrant must follow the instructions on the Contest Site and submit a completed entry of an original artwork illustrating a character from the Onmyoji mobile game;
  • Must be the Entrant's original work made originally and solely for the Contest and may not use stock materials, trademarks, or characters other than those from the Onmyoji mobile game;
  • May include licensed brushes and textures, original imagery and text created by the Entrant and visual elements from Onmyoji but the Entrant may not directly copy and paste images from Onmyoji as part of an entry and the Entry may not infringe the copyright, trademark, or other rights of any third party;
  • May include the word/mark "Onmyoji" in the title, description and tags for the Work.  May not include the "Onmyoji" text, logo or title treatment anywhere within the Work itself;
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply and please read the Official Rules carefully;
  • ARV of all prizing is $12,660.00.


Twenty-five (25) semi-finalists will be selected by DeviantArt staff, along with an independent judge not affiliated with DeviantArt. The first, second, and third place winners will be selected by WANG YANG, CREATIVE DIRECTOR with the same independent judge. The judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Choice of setting and action used in the Work;
  • Use of Onmyoji character in the Work;
  • Originality and Artistic Skill; and
  • Success in Portraying the Contest Theme.

Answer in the comments below.

  • Who are your favorite Onmyoji characters and why?
  • Which character has your favorite backstory?
  • If you were a Shikigami, what kind would you be and what would be your powers?

© 2018 - 2021 GO
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MEO305's avatar
my entry . Not that good but try to challenge myself :)) wish this contest will be successful Love Love 
Dangdaodone by MEO305  
Andosh's avatar
I just love this wonderful work,  It's truly should be one of the semi-finalists.
Zashiki and Inugami by IkazuDasWhale
DeviousSqurl's avatar
Lol I did the same thing I thought doing an action scene of the"one" dominant character using her powers on another would look nice, fan art is fan art and they wanted to judge us on how creative our piece was.  No worries :) (Smile)   The one above is wonderful, so full of color and I am sure there are others out there.  The semi finalists are still lovely.

The Spider Lily by DeviousSqurl  
Lorellet's avatar
Yes, its beautiful. Sadly some people seemingly didnt read the rules where they said one character per ilustration.
Andosh's avatar
yeah, so sad :((((( . I've just realized it after your comment, thank you Lorellet!
Kidlike101's avatar
Did I imagine it or did the semi-finalist list change? I remember one of my favorite pieces This one of Susabi being there but when I checked today it wasn't. I... might be going senile No, I disagree! 
NikySHouse's avatar
Onmyoji Contest: Two Sides of the World by NikySHouse
Shamelessy promoting my work... ;)
JustTaira's avatar
Strange thing, I missed some of the works from entries gallery, even though their authors didn't delete them. As example:

Kusa by OlchaS

I didn't see it here www.deviantart.com/contests/20…, It's just dissapeared. WTF? Someone deleted contestors works from it or what? I was looking all over the gallery but I couldn't find it.
phoenixleo's avatar
It’s still there. Look at the contest category underneath the work. All categories on DA, including contest category shows up underneath each deviations. 
It’s just you’re browsing in a different browsing mode, and there’s are too many entries for it to show up. Try browsing in different modes. 
JustTaira's avatar
It returned to search results yesterday, but it wasn't in any of categories before that. Newest, hot, popular, gallery with submitted works, searching with tag #kusa etc. I and some of my friends tried to find it and just couldn't. It's just disappeared for few days at all, right in time when judges choosen the semi-finalists.

Seems that someone just sabotated this contest or it looks like. This is not the only one work, which was lost in search results for theese days, and which was mystically returned in search after the results were announced and people noticed, that some of the works were missing. There are few others:
Light my Way - Onmyoji Aoadan by gizellekaren Onmyoji Fanart Contest Entry by Juffles Onmyoji Fanart Contest - Yaobikuni by derrickSong Untitled by KrisaHe
KrisaHe's avatar
Hey Taira, dropping by from your comment :)

I’m not so sure about sabotage!
Normally when I upload, my art floats around undiscovered before dropping off the radar for good, with exceptions of daily deviations and other rare instances. The art disappearing could be due to fluctuations in popularity as well as being buried in other art!

Honestly, while I know people were upset with the results, the real issue was with the vague directions. Now that was a kicker 😭
JustTaira's avatar
Problem is that I cound't find your work few days ago even when I tried to search it directly by theese tags:


Now it's on place, yep, but I'm just not sure, that judges really saw all submitted works, cause they are just didn't shown up in categories for some days. It happened not just with me but with some of my friends, who noticed that too.
phoenixleo's avatar
It's easier to confirm whether something is in the contest entry or not by looking at the category it is in looking at the deviation itself. Another way to do it is to go to the deviant's gallery > Browse All and see the contest category appear on the left side and click to see the category and entries submitted from there. This contest is no different than other ones out there or the regular categories on DA with how the categories appear underneath the works. 

The work at question was submitted on June 3 and the ones linked were from June 5. The number of pages I went back were a lot and I didn't even get past June 5 and 4 before my battery was dying. So that's going to be even further back, what with so many entries submitted. 

www.deviantart.com/newest/?q=k… and www.deviantart.com/tag/kusa both shows that work when searching with the tag. 
JustTaira's avatar
As I said, it (like the others) was returned in search results yesterday. But at least 4 days before that (if not even earlier) — just disappeared, like it wasn't even exists — could see it only on author page, but nowhere else, including this gallery:
and theese tags: 

But yesterday, yes, it's suddenly appeared everywhere, two days after author send her ticket to the support. And now, of course, you can see it like nothing has happened.

I'm not the only one, who noticed that. OlchaS , Prywinko and some others, whom I asked too.
phoenixleo's avatar
There's a bit of randomization (the exact method isn't given out by DA so as not to misuse it) on how the works appear. Years back, it was based on faves for example. So, the chance of seeing a work with a fair share of faves and/or comments is higher in later pages as well as how much the work was faved in the 24 hours, or 3 days, etc. If something else was faved more in the 24 hours than it's possible the other work won't show up more, but likely will show up in the other portions during those periods. 

But as I have said, they don't disappear. I haven't seen any deviations disappearing over the course of this contest is open or afterwards whenever I am browsing. If it's in the contest category, it's in. Nor is anyone intentionally making things disappear.

However, if you still insist, and you or anyone have further concerns, contact help with a bug report so they will see if there were actually any bugs related to them not showing up or not. 
JustTaira's avatar
It seems that you're just don't really understand what I'm talking about. Sorry, English is not my native language, but I said one simple thing:

Some of artworks were dissapeared from ALL categories, ALL search results for few days, despite that they were correctly added to all categories, some of them even were in HOT section for a day, when their authors uploaded them. But after that — whooosh — magic — dissapeared, right before results were announced and — whooosh — magic again — returned to search, browsing and etc. right after some of us noticed that and send tickets to the support.

And yep, we got from support absolutely identically answers, about how popular categories works and nothing specific about the REAL problem with missing works, like we are just blind idiots and nothing happened. It's like to talking with brick wall.
phoenixleo's avatar
No, I am understanding what you're trying to say, but perhaps you're not understanding fully what I've been saying. 

Sort Mode vs Categories by phoenixleo

You were only talking about the contest category specifically. 'All categories' mean all the other categories in DA. The digital art, traditional art, fractal art, photography, etc. That's not what you're referring to, are you? If it was, it's a bug problem, and I haven't seen any such issue being complained about yet. Various Sorting/Browsing modes such as What's Hot, Popular (various time periods), Newest, etc are different from the actual DA categories. 

You do understand that's how the What's Hot, Undiscovered, and the other browsing modes work right? They are not going to stay in the "What's Hot" section for all the time. Or in the 24 hours section, or the other. Each has likely various algorithm for what will show up in each mode calculating what aspects of favourites, comments, etc are used. My own work appeared in what's hot section two days later and then went away after a day because there were other works that became "What's Hot" at that time. That was it. Same for other sorting/browsing modes. Other works became popular in the other modes and appeared in the "what's hot" section because of that. It's no different from works that were submitted in the first few days disappearing and going to way back in the back pages because other works became more prominent that were uploaded later. Other works that actually got removed from the contest category were because of rule violations (copies, miscats, TOS violations, etc), which they take time to remove as well. 

If you got the response from support the same answer, that means there were very likely no bugs present and what is generally the case and is how it works is something that's unknowingly causing misunderstanding and freaking the people out. Were there any bugs present and they investigated, they wouldn't have given that response. How do you think I would be feeling if I were saying there's no intentional disappearing happening and that's how it's supposed to work and someone's still not understanding that's how it's going to work. It seems both the support and apparently I am saying the same about how generally the sorting modes work. And how as long as the entry shows in the contest category, it will be eligible for judging. However, from somewhere, that's unsupported from the helpdesk, you are pointing out some other ways (other than how the browsing mode works) the works disappeared - intentionally, which is not possible if it weren't for bugs. Further explanations that it's not the case is still making you adamant on stating the same thing. At this point, all you can do is contact them to investigate further as a bug report (there's a special category in the help desk for that) or accept that perhaps what we are saying is how it's supposed to be, and it's a misunderstanding on your part in the general way it works. If you did, in fact, use the bug report section for reporting and they haven't found anything and said the same response, that means no such scheme took place. 
govthescoffer's avatar
Wow, shocker, no traditional artists won, why am I not surprised at all?
FCNart's avatar
Same about the art style,apparently if you don't go with semi-realism/realism/3D art your work won't count..:*LPS*:. Pepper Rolling her eyes  
DNLINK's avatar
It's unfortunate, but we traditionalists have to acknowledge that digital has us licked. You can work slightly faster and achieve greater detail. The setback is that diversity in style becomes severely limited.
govthescoffer's avatar
I disagree, I think that traditional is coming around again and that it will be more popular than digital, but that is just me, but if you look at many new anime films coming out they are traditional again, and sometimes traditional and digital at the same time, I think that there are masters in every media and that neither is better than the other and that both should be acknowledged as such rather than have people trying to push one media more than the other or try to stamp out and discourage one type of artist over another. 
Sarcastic-Sketches's avatar
anyone know when today it's announced?
evhen88's avatar
Who is the winner guy....anyone know when it came out......
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