How to Train Your Dragon Duo Contest Semifinalists

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Ogpreview by symonxSo many fun and creative duos from the #HowToTrainYourDragon universe were discovered in the “Discover Your Duo” Contest, judged by Director Dean DeBlois in collaboration with @UniversalEnt. Check out the winners!

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I entered this contest too, but my picture wasn't included, and I'm a really big fan of How to Train Your Dragon. This is my picture:

Playing in the Snow- Woolly Howl and Dart
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I can only DREAM about drawing such amazing things! I wanna know what program they used

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words cannot describe the beauty

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These all look amazing!!

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Congrats to all to the winners!

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So, how do we get our prizes ?
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I've been wondering about this too, have you already received the Blu-ray and soundtrack?
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that Deviant did not say to digital and only  dragons?
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Congrats to the winners! ^-^ You all did amazing job!
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im probably late but not too late
DYD: Toothless and Hiccup by Fandom-Person
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Holy... It looks amazing!
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Well i tried, amazin work everyone!
Congratulations everyone for making it this far! Lovely, lovely work! I enjoyed seeing everyone's art. I hope that everyone who has entered (not just the ones who placed) will learn and grow from this experience. Good job on taking the challenge!
...I am wondering what counts as a duo, as well. I intended my entry "Unexpected Playmate" as being an interaction between the white dragon baby and the little redhead. The black one with the spot on his snout was supposed to be surprising the little girl. *shrugs* Perhaps my entry was not chosen because of a misunderstanding...? I don't know.
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My theory is that maybe cause it was traditional art. I've done a few contests here before and I only draw with pencil and paper. None of my art was ever chosen for anything. Everything I've seen was digital art. That is why I dislike contests. I feel contests are rigged/biased against certain people/art styles.

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howdy-boi! i wish i will be the first!
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I know it's too late and won't change a thing, but I'm actually curious! :aww: (I've been wondering with each new entry I saw)

What was considered a duo?

Because in this example, two of these small dragons make one duo: (pardon I can't remember what they're called :D )
Hobgobblers - How to Train Your Dragon Iconic Duo by MiniMythicals

But here, they don't. It's the group of the small dragons that count as one?
95# - The tired old one can not play anymore by LATT-LA

I'm confused ^^'
Nothing against these artists, the entries are gorgeous! But I'm not seeing a consistency with the judging?
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I was wondering this as well (I'm the sculptor of the hobgobblers you mentioned.) I considered a duo to be two creatures, but apparently that's not the case. Not that I'm complaining, but I did notice that inconsistency as well. Maybe they should have clarified in the rules.
Yeah i don't get it either as a duo is two characters. and some the the entries i see more than one in there. up to three different dragons or what not. So if there is more that two characters like hiccup-toothless and a nightlight that counts as 3 not 2. Just seems misleading tbh cos that means they didnt follow the rules of what that piece needs to have/represent 
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