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Please contact me before giving me core!! This is to avoid confusion for receiving your art! I will not start on your art until after you tell me the specifics and then gift me core!
this works for other people so lets try
Hi!! I really want core to kick off a hella cool rebound to the art world. I love coding my page, theming it real nice, and the ability to use polls. I feel as though core was just the perfect way to actually enjoy this site more and I genuinely miss having it. But I'm : ) broke.

In exchange for ONE MONTH of core, I'll draw two shaded fullbodies for you! They can be feline or humanoid characters. I do not draw anthros!! Sorry : (
They can be in the same picture, interacting, or separate!
I'll even throw in icons of the characters! If they're interacting in the same picture, they'll be linked icons. If they're not, they'll be separate icons. Unless you specify otherwise.

examples of my art of pairs + icons! These are relatively old examples, at least a couple of months ago. At the end of this journal I'll include a picture or two of my recent art. **This is only long because I'm showing examples in their full so that you can see the detail if you are new to my art.
Oh No They're Hot by Go-Getter-Guyold styles

aaaaa by Go-Getter-Guy
Comimish by Go-Getter-Guy
bL OW M E O NE  LA S TK I S S by Go-Getter-Guywhat a nerdy scientist by Go-Getter-Guynyello by Go-Getter-GuyI am the family you choose, with us by your side, by Go-Getter-Guy
got nobody cause im brain dead by Go-Getter-Guy

Oliver!! by Go-Getter-Guy
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i'll be willing to give it to ya ;o