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:star: FLASH TUTORIALS in gallery

FLASH TUTORIAL  Load n Play by Go-Devil-Dante Load bars, play buttons, clickable links and music.      Flash tutorial 4 mamo by Go-Devil-Dante Basic tools, stop-motion, motion & shape tweens.

:star: DEATH NOTE serieses in gallery

Take a load off, L by Go-Devil-Dante "Take a load off, L" - Raito breaks L's arm      L gets NO privacy by Go-Devil-Dante "Hot Tub Shenanigans" - Naked fun

Lteration page 1 by Go-Devil-Dante "Lteration" - L's makeover      I h8 ur guts - page 1 by Go-Devil-Dante "I Hate Your Guts" - Raito's frustration is ... released :P

Footnote 2 doujin by Go-Devil-Dante Brotherly Love - Mello and Near are annoying. XD

Other deviants' DN doujins!

:thumb35702795: The Death Before Christmas I by yuumei :thumb27715009: Sweet Revenge 01 by Daciah:thumb58511002:
:iconsmilyimp::iconkuroineko::iconpeppermint-biscuit: (all through their galleries)

BLEACH series in scraps

Breach 01 - UraXRenji by Go-Devil-Dante Breach - Starts with Renjihara.

:star: ANIMATIONS in gallery

Snape wins by Go-Devil-Dante Snape wins - harry Potter, Death Note

Mature Content

Draco's fetish by Go-Devil-Dante
Draco's fetish - harry Potter

Avatar: Zuko the fire lord by Go-Devil-Dante Zuko the firelord - Avatar the last Airbender

Snapes Love Potion Censored by Go-Devil-Dante Snape's Love Potion for L - Death Note, Harry Potter

Snape gets into L's ... past by Go-Devil-Dante Snape gets into L's...past - Death Note, Harry Potter

L is sick of walking by Go-Devil-Dante L is sick of walking - Death note, Samurai Champloo, Bleach, Harry Potter
L walks... by Go-Devil-Dante L walks - a walk cycle trial.

Mature Content

L has something cool to show u by Go-Devil-Dante
L hs something cool to show you - Death Note

L and Raitoz romantic nite by Go-Devil-Dante L and Raito's romantic night - Death Note. Follow link to view:…

Vash n Wolfy Old Flash anim8n by Go-Devil-Dante Vash and Wolfy - Trigun

Enter our contest for a dollah by Go-Devil-Dante Enter our contest for a dollah - Death Note, Bleach, Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist

Other deviants' DN animations!

FANFICTION animated by puffsgain :thumb35121317: Death Note: Name - Animation by Peppermint-Biscuit :thumb27746973:   L's got Raito whipped -flash by danzr4ever Deathnote :Animation: by BASSETSKETCH Death Note at Southpark by cyancat cross dressing by scuzme DN: Matt Sequences Edited by eychanchan Superheroes: L and Raito by CaptainNellio 110: Death Note : Sketchnote by witegots

:star:MUSIC VIDEOS in gallery Follow link to watch with music.

Sleeping Beauty - Death Note(yaoi kiss scene, XD) Music: A Perfect Circle.…

Sadistic Raito by Go-Devil-Dante Sadistic: Raito - Death Note. Music: Linkin Park.…

Movie Trailer - OCs by Go-Devil-Dante Element: My original characters. Music: Stabbing Westward.…

:star:INTERACTIVE buttons in gallery

Death Note Dynamite by Go-Devil-Dante Death Note Dynamite - Death Note and Bleach

More commissions to tooooouch by Go-Devil-Dante Commission - Bleach, OCs, Fruits Basket, Howl

commissions you can toooouch by Go-Devil-Dante Commission - Death Note, OCs, Howl

:thumb19971867: Happy birthday DA account - Death note and Bleach
REMOVED for being too hinty. XP Posted at Y!G ->…

Other deviants' interactive DN works

the bedroom scene? by scuzme :thumb34018015: L cosplay by danzr4ever costume change by scuzme

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Amazing I love this!