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so you know at the end of Avengers...

So yea, guess what else I got to do some animation on? MUAHAHAH!! SO GOOD! But now I'm all obsessed with Loki and ironman, YEYAH! Loki is too damn hard to draw :cries: :iconphobs: still does the hottest thoki fanarts I seen,

been tryin to draw but ... also wanna diablo 3 XD
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Imagaine Thor takes Loki home like that i really want to see Odins AND Friggas reaction! Is there any possiblity you would draw it? And yes i know you published this one in 2012 but i just discoverd it today and i love it!

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... I can totally imagine Tony doing it this way.

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Tony stark should be wearing a strap-on dildo for that last pic to be true
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Bazookabubble74 look
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love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD hahahah
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Why didn't I know before that you've drawn Tony & Loki? hnng
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because I only drew it.... AS SOON AS I FINISHED WATCHING THE MOVIE OMIGODAAAAAAAAH:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::drool:/
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Tony! that's so mean,
poor Loki! 
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Thor is going to punch Tony! XD
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Thor: Man of Iron how dare you objectify my brother in this way!
Me: Good boy, Thor! Here have some Poptarts!
Thor: Yay! Poptarts!
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LOL. Draw more Loki & Avengers! Pleaseee
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So the legends are true... you did draw Loki once...
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I drew him TWICE. he is too hard to draw 3 times.
by which I mean too difficult to draw 3 times. not hard. although....
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this is too perfect
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omg tony  probably would hahahah jk
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haha funny, also, great job with the characters, they look great!
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*Snicker, snicker*
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No Tony that's just you
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Meow, I wasn't then.. but I am now!
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