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saaaave us Korra

Sorry to submit without replying previous comments but I had a deadline for this HAHA! .... MUAHAHAHA! YES I DID IT :iconinnocent-rain: I actually got something done. For you. :love:
It's the 1st in NZ so I'm posting mine now HAHA!

:star: OOO I just got her pic it's here --> [link] :star:

[EDIT] made her browner HAHA since ppl think I'm racist cos my colour-picking was wrong

I finished S1 of Legend of Korra... and I miss the ATLA gang so much... and NZ still hasn't got the box set for ATLA GRAAAWR!!
This is korra, bolin and mako :heart:
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This is why I always browse deviantart while on the crapper: there's always something on here to cure my constipation!
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When she says "Bed you" does she mean she will fuck them?
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Wow amazing. What program did u use?
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I lost it at the "bed"part... gosh I am so immature XD
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LSHILMSADMTETIDHMFT (Laughing So Hard I Lose My Sombrero And Drop My Taco Even Though I Didn't Have Mexican Food Today)
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Mako's expression is perfect. 
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OMG!!!! I'm in love with this image!
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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God that is hilarious!
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Every time I see you do something funny I just start dying :D *talent crush*
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HAHA don't crush meeeeeeeeee! XD :heart: *crush me more*
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HAHAHAHAHA! Mako and Bolin do make pretty princesses.  I'm not surprised with Korra being the knight since she is not the girly type.  Overall, I like it! :)
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I'm really looking forward the "bedding" part though.. XD
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HHA I would never draw that tho. so it'd have to be that she's bloodbending them to bed each other. XD
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Mako and Bolin are such pretty princesses. :heart:
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what the fuck???
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They look so purrrdy!!!!!!!!!!!
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The roles have been reversed XD
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